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The state of Georgia is rich in habitat and biodiversity. Depending on where they are in the state, hunters may find alligator, bear, deer, turkey, hogs, and small game within their sights. Not many states can you cast a fly to rainbow trout and tarpon all within its boundaries. Hunting land leases in Georgia offer some great recreational opportunities.

Georgia is typical to most of the south with long hunting seasons and liberal bag limits. What is not so typical, however, is the number of Pope and Young and Boone and Crocket deer that have come from Georgia in recent years. Georgia has produced more record-book bucks than any other southeastern state. With a stable deer herd of around 1 million and a 12 deer bag limit it's also not a bad pick for those who enjoy grilled backstrap.

Second in Georgia big-game hunting popularity is the wild turkey. The Georgia spring turkey season is one of the longest seasons nationwide. The population is estimated at around 335,000 and there is a 3 gobbler limit.

It's unbelievable to think that deer and turkeys were basically brought back from the brink of extinction in Georgia. Excellent management from the states wildlife resources division, landowners, and sportsmen has made Georgia an awesome destination for the outdoorsman. A Georgia hunting lease through Base Camp Leasing is sure to please that distinguished hunter in your group.


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