Our Newest Hunting Properties Available for Lease | Base Camp Leasing http://www.basecampleasing.com/land/hunting-land-for-lease.htm Copyright 2017 Base Camp Leasing Our newest hunting lands for lease are listed here. To view driving directions or contact the leasing agent for a hunting property lease you are interested in, just click the link for the property and then log into the website (if you're not yet a member, signup is easy!). Sunday, 17 December 2017 00:00:00 EST Saturday, 16 December 2017 00:00:00 EST steve@basecampleasing.com 60 http://www.basecampleasing.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[Base Camp Leasing ]]> Tioga County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5157/Tioga-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html 110 acres in Tioga County, New York. Deer, turkey, and upland game can be harvested on this property. Deer tracks were observed everywhere. There were two heavily used deer trails heading from the uphill side of the parcel down across Hubby Road into the swampy bedding area below. I had the pleasure of watching a pair of woodcock meandering down the dirt path. You may be able to pick them out in one of the property photos. The wooded areas were mostly early succession timber, both hardwood and softwood. The primary hardwood species was maple, however there was no shortage of apple trees on the property. There was a ten acre section of alders along the creek for bedding. A series of trails created by a recent firewood harvest that should make navigating the property fairly easy. The landowner is receptive to food plots, camping and ATV use for hunting purposes. There is an old hayfield that could be easily converted back into a food source for wildlife. Lessee's are encouraged to post boundary to eliminate confusion over property lines. Saturday, 16 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 5157 Lunenburg County Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5787/Lunenburg-County-Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nice eastern Virginia property that provides lots of cover. The wooded areas were clear cut around 2000 and planted back in pines. I saw several well used trails coming into the fields from the pines. There is a small stream running through the property where some larger timber can be found. This property provides outstanding gun hunting from a number of locations. This county provides gun hunting seasons from early November to the first of January. The pines are large enough in some areas to provide hunting opportunities with a bow from a ground blind. Cutting of small roads or paths through the wood lots would be acceptable. The tillable ground is leased to a local farmer so food plots are not an option at this time. *Sunday Hunting Allowed Saturday, 16 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 5787 Clarke County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7961/Clarke-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html If you’re looking for a dynamic farm to hunt with a firearm, this is it. There are a couple of large timbered ditches that provide tree stand sites to archery hunt along with over 100 acres of CRP giving you numerous spots for a ground blind or shooting house. The CRP is full of deer sign and I came across multiple smaller bedding areas when I walked the farm. The southern border of the farm is a wooded semi active railroad right of way that acts as a travel corridor especially during the rut. There are large timbers in close proximity in three different directions so this farm will be a hub for bucks traveling around looking for does. The Austin Pontier buck was shot within a couple of miles of this farm last year (google it, trust me). There good numbers of turkeys, pheasants and quail on the property as a bonus. The dirt road on the north side of the farm will make hauling your trophy out easy. There are multiple restaurants, motels and a casino is nearby Osceola. This farm may not look like much from the aerial but once you walk on it you’ll think different. It’s open for 2017 or can be locked in for 2018. Farm is located in zone 5 which is known to produce mass amounts of big bucks. Thursday, 14 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7961 Henderson County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6364/Henderson-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Can you say “honey hole?” I counted no less than 40 rubs during my inspection. This property consists mainly of hardwoods, but also has a cedar thicket and an old crop field in the bottom that was reverted back to timber about 15 years ago. There is a large crop field that borders the west side of the timber and an extremely thick power line on the south side. Trails run in every direction. There is a ridge with fingers off the sides that runs from east to west and also provides a great vantage point to watch the bottom area. A creek runs through, so there is a water source. It is very obvious that the deer stay on this property. One look and you’ll be hooked on this awesome West Tennessee Hunting Lease! FYI, Natchez Trace WMA is only a few miles from the lease. **Parking at old hog pen through an established easement.** **Local lodging is available in Parsons and Lexington.** **Responsible ATV use for deer retrieval and stand placement OK.** **Look for Base Camp sign at your property entrance.** **Any legal game hunting is allowed.** Thursday, 14 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6364 Delaware County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6338/Delaware-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html This farm looks pretty good from the aerial, but trust me... it is way better in person. Only 5 miles SE of Muncie, Indiana and just 1/4 mile west of the Prairie Creek Reservoir. It has 10 acres of woods in 2 sections and 2 islands. Buck sign was everywhere, and you will find great tree stand locations in all sections of the woods. Saw 6 longbeards in the field, so be sure to have your Turkey license too. The west side of the farm drops down offering seclusion and really gives you the feel that a great buck could show at any time. Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6338 Sauk County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5972/Sauk-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Tired of hunting on public land and want a proven property to call your own? This might just be the property for you. Although it is mostly open ground, I truly believe deer will travel through this property on a regular basis after looking at the surrounding properties. Landowner told me that he has allowed people to hunt the property in past years and they have always been able to fill their tags. The northeastern side does offer enough timber to hang stands as well as the southeastern corner. The eastern side fence line is also an option as trees are on the landowner's property. The landowner also stated that neighboring landowners all get along well and do not hunt much themselves. All legal game is yours to hunt and the landowner is okay with camping for hunting related activities. He is also okay with respectful use of ATV's also for hunting related activities. There is a spot for a food plot in the northeast corner, if you want. Landowner lives on the property so he can keep a watchful eye on it when you are not there. Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 5972 Ozark County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7963/Ozark-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a fantastic lease for that group of hunters looking for a place to call home, during deer season. This property boasts almost 600 acres of some really nice deer & turkey habitat in southern Missouri, not far from the Arkansas line. There is a great camp site already developed on the southern end of the property which you could pull in campers and be ready quickly to go hunting. ATV’s are recommended while hunting and the property has a great road system in place. This property is made up of red & white oaks and cedar glade habitat. This property is under lock and key, and has a complete perimeter fence in place. Bull Shoals Lake is not far if you want to make a trip this spring to get the deer stands and food plots ready and take in a few days of fishing…No hunting in the fall of 2017 should have the wildlife holding tight on this property. Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7963 Delaware County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7411/Delaware-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 160 acre hunting lease available in Delaware County, New York. This property is located very near Treadwell, New York and is less than 60 miles from Binghamton. This property is a mixture of overgrown crop fields and woods. There is one big wood lot that consists of 61 acres and several small lots of 12 acres or less. The landowner who is a non-hunter lives almost in the center of the property. The driveway makes for excellent access to the property interior. The landowner has frequently seen deer, turkey and occasionally bear on her property. On my inspection I saw plenty of deer sign consisting of deer trails, scrapes, beds and scat. I jumped deer in 3 different sections of the property. One was a small buck that I was able to get several pictures of at 40 yards. The main woods does go up a hill. The bottom of this hill was a nice bedding area with lots of thick brush and deer sign. There is a power line and a road that cuts through a 12 acre wooded section on the west border. I also jumped deer here and found 3 scrapes. Most of the property has stone fences marking property lines. The majority of the neighboring property is posted. The landowner will allow ATV use and camping for hunting purposes. She also would allow food plots and posting. The crop fields haven't been worked in several years and are grown to golden rod. I saw plenty of deer beds in these fields. There is also a small beaver pond and stream on the property. Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7411 Shelby County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6508/Shelby-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This farm is close to town but is laid out well. The way it connects to other farms with the terrain and tree lines makes it easy to figure travel patterns. Good water here, and the cover ranges from high grass to woods. The open fields are rotating corn and beans. Saturday, 9 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6508 Cass County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6593/Cass-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html This property contains a corner of mature hardwoods, a winding creek in the timber, and the remainder in cropland. The habitat is positioned off the road and allows whitetails to bed and feed in seclusion. The hackberry and walnut trees provide ample tree stand sites. I spotted deer tracks and a few tree stands from previous hunters. This would be a good spot for a couple hunters to harvest deer and possibly spring turkey. This property sits between Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska. There are multiple lodging options within a short drive. Landowner cautions that there is an old farmstead and open cistern or well on the property. Saturday, 9 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6593 Frontier County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7151/Frontier-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html 700 acres in some fantastic mule deer country. Property does graze cattle for a few months a year, except for area south of highway which holds a very nice deer herd the landowner says. This is an open country and challenging deer hunting property, but with the possible reward of a mature mule deer that can be very impressive. Lots of canyons to sneak up on a bedded bachelor group and some high spots to glass from and cut off your wall hanger as the buck moves through the browse. There are many ways to access parts of this property without getting busted, no matter wind direction, giving you a hunting opportunity every visit. Also, there are some neighboring row crop and pivots making deer easier to pattern at the right time of year. Saturday, 9 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7151 Crawford County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7415/Crawford-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html What a great farm in East Central Missouri with lots of room for (6) hunters to all get a chance at harvesting a mature deer. Wooded hills that transition down to a river valley full of deer bedding CRP fields. The Meramec River runs through the property and will provide a great travel corridor and water source for those rutting bucks searching for does bedded in the CRP. ATV and camping allowed during hunting seasons The boundary lines are approximate and there is some purple paint in place to mark the property lines The far southern section of woods has been heavily logged There is a small cemetery easement on the western side of the property There are some cattle on this farm during the year Saturday, 9 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7415 Adair County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5540/Adair-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a very nice Adair County property that is set up perfectly to bring those big whitetails a calling. Between the row crops and the food plots you put in there will be a 365 day food source on this property. On the day of inspection there was deer sign just about everywhere you looked, and I also busted up a flock of 20 turkeys feeding in the old food plot. There is enough woods & brush on this farm to have several deer stand placements. ATV's OK. Camping and motels close. Deer and turkey lease only Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 5540 Crawford County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6751/Crawford-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html This is one good looking farm! Eight different fields, combining for over three miles of edges, should provide some excellent hunting opportunities. The two middle fields on the north side are hay meadows, while the rest of the fields are planted to crops. The area in the middle of the farm is wasteland, and is too rocky, and often too wet, to plant crops on it. Therefore it is grown up in scattered trees, with brush in the middle that get thicker as you move toward the edges of the property. This is part of the Hickory Creek drainage system, which is less than a quarter mile to the west. This is absolutely ideal habitat for those trophy whitetails that call this area home. Deer unit 11. *** No Camping.*** ***Respectful Driving on Property only- do not drive across the middle wasteland when wet.*** Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6751 Miami County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7962/Miami-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Properties like this one don’t come around very often, so don’t let this one get away! Located less than an hour from downtown Kansas City, this 80 plus acre farm looks to have some incredible hunting potential. I was told by the owner that it has not been hunted in the past 50 years!!! I was also told by one of the neighbors that nobody has ever hunted it for as long as he has known. And, not to mention, it is totally landlocked, which is always a good thing. The owners, who do not hunt, also own the rest of the property between this lease and the road, to provide even more of a buffer. However, they do plan to build a house close to the road in the SE corner of the hay meadow sometime in the next year. Access to this lease will be from the SE corner, and eventually through the owner’s driveway. Feeders are allowed on this lease, and the mowed area in the middle of the lease will be an obvious and excellent location. The two creek beds that enter the property from the east, join each other just below this bluff. There is an old trail that heads down from the SE corner of the lease and meanders through the woods and up to the mowed area. This trail has not been used in many, many years and most of it is pretty overgrown. You are welcome to clear some of the brush out of the way to open it back up, so it is useable once again. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only is allowed. And by the way, the neighbor I mentioned earlier, also told me a big buck (which he thought was about twelve points) almost wiped out the front of his pickup that morning as he was driving down the road. Deer unit 11. Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7962 Schuyler County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7960/Schuyler-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is fantastic rare 8 mile long farm that crosses two of Missouri’s best counties for big bucks, Schuyler & Adair counties. River runners will be plentiful here, with the Chariton River running the whole length of the farm. The farm boasts (7) 10X10 five star shooting houses that will have you sitting in style all day during the rut. If gun hunting isn’t your thing, there is hundreds of acres of scattered woods perfect for the bow hunter at heart, throughout the farm. Gigantic in size will allow for plenty of room for you big group of hunters...No hunting in the last few years, should have the wildlife holding tight on this farm as we speak. I also have two cameras rolling on this farm as this listing posts, so hopefully deer pictures coming soon. Foot traffic or ATV's on the levees only Saturday, 9 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 7960 Decatur County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/3797/Decatur-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Here it is: a mile of actively managed woods with row crops to the west to feast upon. Property was logged in early November 2016, but is still a very mature forest with tons of trees for climbers.The timber has an extensive road system throughout for extremely easy access. This property lies very near Jennings County. Pond and 100 feet surrounding pond are excluded for owner's use. Access from the north and south. Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 3797 Clermont County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4587/Clermont-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html This farm has everything that you could want in a trophy property. Close to East Fork State Park and within 20 minutes of Cincinnati. This farm has everything you need to grow giant bucks. Funnels, satellite woodlots, hidden ponds, hidden fields and thick bedding cover everywhere make this farm hunt large. Farm is no-till row cropped, so food is not an issue. If you have wanted to manage a property this just may be the farm for you. There is great access from two roads. This may be the best laid out farm I have seen in a long time, located in an area that is known for giant bucks!!! Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 4587 Fulton County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6355/Fulton-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a great northwest Ohio hunting property on a river travel corridor and only 1,000 yards from a State Park. What this means is that a great buck could show up at any moment while you are hunting. There are 26 acres of woods, and the fields are in row crops. There is a very thick fencerow in the center of the property leading to a couple small thickets near the road. This would be a great place to sit during the rut as bucks cruise this river bottom. Also, there are plenty of briars and cover here to bed in all day long. The neighbor to the west has his fields in high summer grasses, and the very SW corner of this property looked like a hot spot with big scrapes under some huge oaks along the fields. The landowner had about 25 trees removed late in 2014 and the access lanes will make it easy to get to your stands. Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00:00 EST 6355