Our Newest Hunting Properties Available for Lease | Base Camp Leasing http://www.basecampleasing.com/land/hunting-land-for-lease.htm Copyright 2017 Base Camp Leasing Our newest hunting lands for lease are listed here. To view driving directions or contact the leasing agent for a hunting property lease you are interested in, just click the link for the property and then log into the website (if you're not yet a member, signup is easy!). Sunday, 30 April 2017 00:00:00 EST Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST steve@basecampleasing.com 60 http://www.basecampleasing.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[Base Camp Leasing ]]> Loup County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6648/Loup-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html This has been a tightly held property for years. Located in Loup County it is now available for lease. Deer and turkey abound in the area and this property has the food and cover to hold them. Irrigated crop fields and planted shelter-belts of trees, along with scattered cedar trees in the pastures, provide great ambush sites for your hunt. Don’t let this Loup County Nebraska hunting lease pass you by, pull driving directions today….. Lodging or camping is available a short distance away (about 10 miles) in Burwell, NE. There are also great recreation opportunities nearby on Calamus Reservoir (if desired). Cattle do graze the pastures and cedar trees are managed on the open pasture areas with fire and some cutting. I spotted turkey and quail on my summer inspection and saw deer tracks around the edges of the fields. This is a good property that should be enjoyable to hunt. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6648 Lenawee County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5939/Lenawee-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is a sweet farm in Southeast Michigan in an area known for good bucks. It is hard to find large farms in this area, especially with 100 acres of woods. There is a nice 3/4 mile long creek with good timber on both sides. Plus, you have another 25 acre woodlot on the west end. Pretty much no one can hunt your property lines as you control almost all the woods in this section. The woodlot on the west end has been select cut, and there are plenty of tops for the deer to bed in. They left plenty of good stand trees, and there are nice oaks in this woodlot. The creek is a perfect rut corridor and access for wind directions should be perfect. The fields should be in corn and beans. Also, you get the bonus of being less than 20 minutes from Cabela's in Dundee. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 5939 Chautauqua County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7076/Chautauqua-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has 90 acres available for immediate lease in Chautauqua County New York. This property is very close to the PA border, 20 miles West of Jamestown , New York, and 45 miles from Erie, Pennsylvania. The area around Panama, New York has a reputation for some great whitetail and turkey hunting! On my inspection of this property I saw a huge tom turkey and many, many deer tracks. The landowner and I inspected the property on a morning when the area got 5 inches of snow. We did our scouting of the property about an hour after the snow stopped. The amount of fresh deer tracks was amazing. Literally all over the 90 acres there were fresh tracks, not to mention the turkey I saw. The property goes up a hill from the black top running east to west. There is a really nice ATV trail system on the property. The owner showed me many rubs and areas the deer hang out, as well as an area the turkeys roost (some nice spruce trees). The landowner has owned the property for many years and has a great knowledge of the game patterns. Landowner would like to show you the property, as the access does go right thru his yard, so please contact Agent before inspection. Also, he has requested that no unnecessary target practice happen on this property. He has been the only hunter on this property with just a few exceptions over the years. A friend last year took a trophy buck off this property. Camping and ATV use are allowed for hunting purposes only. This property will provide the opportunity to shoot a nice buck. Last year residents and non-residents had a high probability of drawing a doe permit in this area. This is a really nice property, with lots of deer and turkey. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7076 Butler County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6104/Butler-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This is a sweet 40 acre parcel that ties into 500-600 acres that we have listed. Working cattle farm. Nice woods. Pastures are full of clover. 2 ponds and a wet weather creek for water sources. Lots of turkeys hang out on this property. There are great bucks in the area, check out the pics. Farms on 2 sides are in row crops annually. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6104 Lewis County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7046/Lewis-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This is a very nice farm located in Lewis County, Kentucky. I was very pleased with the layout of this farm when I inspected it. This farm is in a great area and a great county. If you know anything about Lewis County, you know what the potential is. The land has about 100 acres worth of hay fields and pasture and the remainder is wooded. Several smaller hidden fields, ponds, nice oak flats and hardwood ridges will make this a fun property to hunt. The owner has had some good success over the years as you can tell from the pictures of sheds and mounts. Also, I found a pretty good shed while inspecting. There are multiple points of access so hunting anytime of day and any wind direction will be easy. All access roads are gated and locked. The majority of the surrounding farms are all Base Camp Leasing farms, so that is a plus if you are wanting to manage for trophies. There are cattle on the farm, but they are fenced out of the woods, and the owner will keep them fenced to the "lower" pastures during hunting season. The owner was a very nice man and lives on the property. He is willing to help plant crops or food plots for hunters with a little extra money to help for his time and seed cost. There is a little alfalfa and clover in the bottom hay field next to the creek, and the deer are absolutely wearing it out right now. There is a nice cabin on the property available for use. It is wired for power, but you will need a generator to operate. No water hook ups. This will make someone a great farm for years to come! ATV use ok for hunting purposes. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7046 Webster County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7281/Webster-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This all wooded acreage was logged back in 2000 or so. There are acorn bearing oaks scattered throughout the farm. There are a couple of wet weather springs, and ponds nearby for water sources. There is a good road system through and around the farm. The property lines are easily identifiable. The neighbor to the North logged his place recently and the deer are really using that boundary line for travel. There is a ridge to the back of the farm and the deer are "side-hilling" it by the trails I saw. They are going across the road to the crops at night and back and forth a lot it looks like. I did jump several deer while walking. Landowner lives on site. I have been here since 2008. I can count on 1 hand how many chances have I had at a Webster County farm. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7281 Ohio County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7550/Ohio-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Awesome smaller property with access from two sides. Right amount of thickness with several draws that have the deer filtering through here regularly. No shortage of trails and fresh tracks tells me it’s happening right here. Northeast section has a neighbor supplying row crops so catch them coming back to bed on you. Picked up a shed on this one. There are plenty of great rubs here to get you excited. Creek running through offers a good water supply year-round. Good thickness providing bedding and browse. Just a great example of an Ohio County Kentucky Big Buck Hunting Lease. **Two entrances into your lease, roads highlighted in green on map** **#4 county in Green River region for harvest numbers** **Good history of B&C Bucks from this county** **Joins a 96ac tract owned by same landowner and easement will be shared if leased by separate members so be respectful** **NO camping on property but camping available locally** **Local lodging in Beaver Dam about 25 minutes away** Thursday, 27 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7550 Ohio County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7551/Ohio-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html One of two nice properties adjoining one another that are ripe with deer activity. I love the thickness it offers as do the deer evidenced by the amount of sign. Plenty of tracks, trails and rubs along with some bedding areas. Picked up a very nice shed seen in photos here in the stand of pines and I believe he’s bedding in there. This property has a series of draws that the deer are moving through regularly. ¾ acre Pond on the east side of property has some very nice Bass in it so enjoy catching a few at your leisure. Just a great example of an Ohio County Kentucky Big Buck Hunting Lease. **Numerous stand locations on the property** **Good history of B&C from this county** **A landowner to SW has row crops which is good for you** **No camping on property but lodging available in Beaver Dam** **2 roads into the property on east and west sides highlighted in green on map** **Joins a 50ac tract owned by same landowner and easement will be shared if leased by separate members so be respectful** Thursday, 27 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7551 Clay County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7547/Clay-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a real nice 80 acres being offered in the southern part of Clay county. It features a nice, easy going stream meandering through the middle of a crop field. A couple 1-2 acre wood patches are located along the creek, as well as a two acre low spot in the crops that is well hidden from the road. The SE corner is a grassy hill that has been left to grow wild and is being overtaken with trees. The owner lives just down the road to help keep an eye on things. This farm has never been leased before, nor has it really been hunted that he is aware of. Lodging can be found in Junction City which is about 12 miles away, or camping at Milford Lake only six miles away. Deer unit 14 Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7547 Hart County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7546/Hart-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Nice smaller property teaming with game. This Hart County Kentucky Hunting Lease is a favorite of the local deer herd, but also has dove, quail, turkey, rabbits and squirrel. It’s made up of timber with a mix of cedar thickets, and fields. Nice box blind in place for your use at your own risk. Pond on the south end of property provides the water. Small section of timber on other side of road had good deer sign too. Numerous fence crossings are being used very regular as you'll find. Saw rubs, droppings and plenty of tracks on walk through. **Food plots OK** **I saw all the game listed above during inspection **Nice property suits 2 hunters very well** **Park in front of the barn please** **Very nice landowner lives on property** **Possibly an occasional rescue horse (1) in fenced area on southeast end of prop** Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7546 Chenango County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7543/Chenango-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has 150 acres available for lease in Chenango County, New York. This hunting lease is located less than an hour from Syracuse, New York and 35 miles from Binghamton. This property consists of approximately 60 acres of woods and 90 acres of crop field and pasture. This hunting lease has over 3000 acres of state land bordering east and west. I saw the most deer sign on the south east border around an active beaver pond. There were several well used deer trails and a few rubs. I found deer droppings in all the woods I walked. The farmer reported seeing deer and turkey in the hay field as well as his cow pasture. This property is located in WMU (7M) and residents had a high probability of drawing a DMP permit in 2016. The road to the property is a maintained gravel road. The landowner wants the hunters to have a great experience and will allow food plots. There are several spots that would be great locations to draw the deer and turkey. Camping is allowed (for hunting purposes only), get with the landowner for location. ATV use is allowed for hunting purposes only and you must stay on established trails. Just a reminder if opening a gate to the pasture, please close it. Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7543 Davis County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5760/Davis-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html This property is located in Zone 6 in SE Iowa. This property is made up of timber, row crops, creeks, draws, and buffer strip. The landowner has big deer with big appetites and needs your help. The landowner asks that whoever leases the ground also shoot some does. Lanes have been mowed around the crops to allow for easier access. Landowner reserves the right to late Muzzleloader hunt on property. Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 5760 Davis County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6236/Davis-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html This Iowa farm is located in Zone 6 in the southeastern part of Iowa. This property consists of 365 acres of timber, CRP, crops, river bottom and drainage's that will sustain deer all year long. Not often do I get a property big enough to hold, grow and keep the deer on it, but this is one of those properties. Don't let the aerial fool you, go take a look at this amazing property! Base Camp hunt club safety rules must be followed at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Caretaker of farm has full access to perform daily chores and maintenance. Deer & turkey lease only. Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6236 Washington County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7545/Washington-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice farm of a 180 acres in Washington County. This property offers a great mix of whitetail habitat which includes hardwood ridges, marshy areas, creek bottom, crop ground, and a pond. This is an all species lease. Plenty of deer sign was present upon inspection. Several turkeys were observed while scouting the property along with ducks on the pond. Plenty of edge area on this property will provide ample stand locations. A farm trail through the property provides quite access to several areas of the property including a small hidden field. Row crops are the norm on this crop ground. Property has boundaries on two different roads allowing stealthy access for different wind directions. Not many leases are available in this area so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Landowner would like to meet hunters initially, before any hunting transpires. Respectful use of ATV’s is allowed for hunting related activities only. No camping is allowed but lodging and dining locations are only minutes away. Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7545 Washington County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7544/Washington-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html 50 acres located in Washington County of excellent whitetail habitat. This is an all species lease with a mix of habitat including lower marsh area, higher edge ground, crop ground, and a creek area. This property is located in a great travel corridor as the aerials show. Plenty of deer sign was present during inspection along with turkey sign and water fowl presence. Several trails were visible heading into the crop ground from the bedding cover. Plenty of mature trees are present for stand locations. Quite access along a grassy waterway in the center of the property makes for a stealthy approach to the hunting ground. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a lease in an area where not many leases are available. Landowner would like to meet hunters initially. Respectful ATV use is allowed for hunting related activities during hunting seasons. No camping is allowed but lodging and dining locations are only minutes away. Thursday, 27 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7544 Summers County West Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7548/Summers-County-West Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html This property for lease lays right on the Summers County and Raleigh County line in WV. This property is laid out pretty typical for this area with flat bottoms, benches, some rolling terrain and steep ridges. There are several different small mountain streams located on this property and a couple of "watering holes" as well. I saw 9 deer and some turkeys upon inspection and there were deer trails and good sign everywhere I went. An old county road passes through the property allowing for good access to just about any point of the property. There is a cemetery located on the property and it is still being maintained and visited by family. There is also a couple of old sheds/barns and some debris remaining on the property from the previous house that was there. The property is mostly made up of mature hardwoods (consisting of some giant white oaks), but there were also some thicker "briary" areas as you can see in the photos. There are also a couple of nice little secluded openings/fields that would make great food plot locations. Some of these areas had several apple trees in them which will only add to the attraction. This should be a productive property to hunt for deer, turkeys, bears and small game alike. ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7548 Dunn County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6033/Dunn-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Everything you want on a hunting lease is contained on this 120 acre Dunn County property. From the high hard wood bluffs down to row crops, a creek and wet lands with plenty of deer and turkeys to hunt should make this a property one you will want to lease year after year. To top it all off is a rustic log cabin that you can use and a landowner who lives on the property to watch over things when you are not there. Turkeys gobbling and a pheasant rooster cackling filled the air with those beautiful sounds that all hunters love. I managed to get a picture of two big toms and the pheasant that helped make my inspection so enjoyable as shown in the listing pictures. The property has been primarily hunted by only one person for many years thus limited hunting pressure. With that being said, everything I saw and the unique diversity of the property certainly leads me to believe that this could be a special place to hunt. The amount of deer tracks, trails and rubs were quite impressive. Property was logged this past winter to open up the canopy and help generate new growth. All legal game are yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities as well as use of cabin or your camper are also allowed. No food plots as all open ground is currently in ag with corn and soybeans. Landowner is a great guy and I truly enjoyed the afternoon I spent with him. Saturday, 29 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6033 Laclede County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7542/Laclede-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a sweet little farm, in South Central Missouri that is holding deer & turkey daily. Landowner lives on the property and says the previous hunters have always been highly successful during deer season. Day of inspection I saw turkeys and plenty of deer sign old and new. This property is 1hr from Springfield, Missouri Deer & turkey lease only Must notify the landowner before hunting No hunting around the two houses on the property There might be some select cutting of only 40 acres in years to come, but not in 2017 Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7542 Brown County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7437/Brown-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Nice farm for lease near Fayetteville Ohio and Lake Lorelei. There is a 24 acre woodlot at the west end and some cover along the creek that runs north and south. Green on map are trees that have been removed along creek. Woods was select cut some years ago and has grown up good and thick making good bedding for deer. There is a nice old logging trail through woods I am sure the deer travel well. Some great bucks get killed in this area. You can see I found a few healthy rubs in the woods. Fields are in row crops, and landowner says he always plants a cover crop in winter which should hold some deer here. Woods should make a good rut spot and a couple of hunters could cover it well during gun season. The woods is quite a long ways out from the east road, and you will probably need an ATV to access when it is dry and crops are down. I asked permission from one of the neighbor landowners to the south to access the woods easier and you may want to too. No camping and respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7437 Warren County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6128/Warren-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html This property is located in Zone 5 in SC Iowa. This is that perfect parent / child type of property that will reap big rewards. The property consists of roughly half row crops and the other half is CRP and timber. There is also a pond located on the property so the deer never have to leave this location. This property is to be maintained as pristine as possible with no motorized vehicles allowed. Foot traffic only. No screw in tree steps. No disturbance of bare farm ground or of the planting and harvesting seasons. Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6128 Meade County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7036/Meade-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Meade County is where we have had 200" bucks taken off of our farms. This farm has been hunted by family, not leased. There was a booner killed next door in 2015. The farm is in a rural area. Part of the farm has cattle, and they are moved in the Fall. There are a couple of existing food plot areas and you can continue these if you like.There is crop land, and a huge hay field with thick clover. The woods are a mix of cedars, thickets, and open timber. Landowner lives on site. Food plots to be maintained by hunters. You have asked when I would have a good sized tract in the area. Here it is. Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7036 Webster County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7171/Webster-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html This farm is laid out really nice for that small group of guys wanting to be successful every year. Big row crops, surrounded by mature woods will have the local deer herd living here. Inspecting this farm had me thinking hard whether I needed it for myself! Four hunters will find plenty of room, combined with several possible deer stand locations. The Niangua River runs through the SW corner of the property and could possible challenge you if you’re wanted to get across it during wet weather times. ***The timber has been recently select cut so the aerial will not be accurate, please inspect farm before placing a deposit*** Landowner has a property management plan in place and will be on the property from time to time during the year working. Landowner is currently picking rocks out of a field as we speak to plant an alfalfa field. Deer & Turkey lease only / ATV's for hunting related issues only There is a great place up by the barns to camp or local motels are not far Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7171 Livingston County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7540/Livingston-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a great deer, goose and duck property available in Livingston County, New York. This hunting lease is less than 20 miles from Rochester, New York. This property consists of 1,328 acres. The property has 340 acres of woods and swamp and 973 acres of crop fields. What makes this a great waterfowl location is the 973 acres of crops is surrounded by the Genesee River on the South and East border and a feeder creek and swamp on the north side. There is over 6 miles of river/swamp border.. There are 300 acres of swamp and hardwoods. The swamp is a great sanctuary and bedding area that holds most of the deer in the area. The farmer reported seeing big herds in his crop fields. I saw a herd of 15 in the field just off the swamp. I jumped countless ducks and geese. The back crop fields were flooded and were holding a lot of ducks and geese. I spoke with the farmer who happened to be on site, he stated it was a great year for snow geese. I saw a lot of deer rubs, tracks, and well used trails all around the swamp. There is a small 40 acres piece of woods west of the Greenway trail that has thick cedars, hardwoods and brush, it was full of rubs and trails. The Greenway Trail is an old railroad bed that cuts through the east side of the property south to north. This is great access to the north side of the swamp as well as the east. This hunting lease should be phenomenal deer, duck and goose hunting. The landowner would allow and encourage posting of property. Camping and ATV use are allowed for hunting purposes only. Have to stay off crop fields. There is a main farm trail that runs east to west almost down center of property (great access/hard bottom). I saw 2 different boat access sites (path cleared to river and creek). A house is also available for rent/ lease. Property has great deer sign and excellent access! Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7540 Livingston County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7541/Livingston-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has 1022 acres available in Livingston County, New York. This hunting lease is located less than 20 miles from Rochester, New York. The wildlife management unit is (8H) and in 2016 there was a high probability of residents and non-residents drawing 2 management permits. Livingston County is one of the best deer/big buck and turkey counties in New York State . This 1022 acre hunting lease is a nice mixture of hardwoods, crop fields and bedding area. The farm has access from 3 different roads to allow hunters to use the wind in their favor. On my inspection I jumped numerous deer bedded around the crop fields and saw a group of 20 plus turkeys. I saw many well used deer trails, old rubs and scrapes. The pond in the south-west corner had over 100 geese and several ducks in it. The area behind the pond is a thick bedding area. The trail off the access road in the south-west corner had at least 6 old scrapes on it. The main woods is mostly oak and maple. The whole property is surrounded by active farm crop fields. There is a gas line that runs west to east through the northern part of the lease to including the main woods. It can be accessed easily from the access road that cuts through the property. Hunting property in Livingston County is hard to find and this would make an awesome lease for a group of friends and family. The landowner would allow posting of the property. You can use ATVs for hunting purposes only, you must stay on established trails and farm trails. Camping would be allowed for hunting purposes. There is potential to lease a house in the area to use for a hunting lodge if desired. This farm has 260 acres of woods surrounded by prime farm land! Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7541 Clay County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7538/Clay-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html To put it plain and simple, this is a solid farm! The thick brush and trees, surrounded by crops is almost a sure bet to hold some deer. The day I visited the farm, there was plenty of fresh tracks. And check out the picture of the “No Trespassing” sign. If you look closely, you will notice the bucks have been rubbing on that post! That is the true definition of a “post rub”. The owner also said he has seen large flocks of turkeys on the farm as well. Hedgerows, with buffer strips or waterways are on the east, west and north sides. This will not only allow easier access for you getting around the property, but also provide extra habitat and bedding cover. The property to the east is public Walk-In Hunting. Deer unit 8. Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7538 Broome County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4426/Broome-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html 74 all wooded acres and a small unimproved cabin with lake frontage. Nice woods front and top of ridge with a nice flat and saddle. Use of cabin in hunting season for hunting only. This isn't a summer recreation lease. Cabin has no electric but is wired for generator. Some ladder stands are set up on the property already to be used at your own risk. The property had a managed timber cut completed in 2016. NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES ARE TO BE USED ON THE PROPERTY. NO FISHING IS PERMITTED IN THE LAKE Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 4426 Greene County North Carolina Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5557/Greene-County-North Carolina-Hunting-Lease.html 268 acres in Greene County with a crop and wood mix. This tract sits snuggled next to Swamp Creek. Creek provides a good water source and a good travel corridor next to rowed produce. Fields are farmed by a large produce company. Cover, food, water and lots of field edge to make this property easy to hunt. Responsible ATV use for game recovery and stand placement only. No dog hunting. No dogs in fields where produce is grown. Owner reserves fishing rights where applicable. Landowner reserves the right to protect produce from wildlife damage if necessary. Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 5557 Carroll County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5924/Carroll-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html 260 acre working dairy farm in one of the best areas of Ohio. 4 different woodlots with lots of crops and edge. Saw tons of tracks in the snow and some good rubs. Farm lane access to just about ever part of the farm. Very diverse habitat with 70 acres of corn and 40 acres of alfalfa hay. This is a major feeding area with many stand sites around the fields. Ton of turkeys in this area also. Landowner lives on the tract. No campers and limited ATV use (use only on farm lanes or field edges). Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 5924 Jay County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6405/Jay-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Here is an exceptional Jay County farm that has it all...creek, woods, bedding cover and secluded row crop fields. The creek has several crossing areas and with timber on both sides, you have plenty of tree stand options. A low traffic county road splits this property allowing you different parking locations for great access. The old railroad that once cut through this farm is now just a thick overgrown jungle providing great cover for wildlife. The entire farm is in play for sure, but check out the south field...you will love it as much as I did. Overall, just a great property in the east central part of Indiana 30 miles from Muncie and 20 minutes from the Ohio line. Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 6405 Texas County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7452/Texas-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a big cattle and sheep ranch that has been a producer in the years gone by in the deer category. Landowner lives on this property and is always noticing deer and turkey running around the farm. There are several developed areas on the farm (see pictures) that have been fenced off for food plots. The landowner states that for a small fee he will keep the food plots looking good. Texas County is always high in the deer harvest numbers every year and is known for putting out big bucks as well. Landowner says he can keep the livestock away from the prime hunting areas during the peak hunting times if you just get with him and coordinate things. There are two cabins available for your use during some parts of the fall season, and both will need some TLC, before you can call them a good basecamp. The blue square on the map doesn't belong to this lease, but the owner never hunts and your landowner states that 40 acres is a great source of bedding ground for the wildlife in the area. Electric & Water is available and ATV’s and camping is allowed during the hunting season Food plots can be planted with landowners permissions on location Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00:00 EST 7452