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Texas Leasing Agent

Texas Leasing Agent

Clint is a native Texan and has resided in the Lone Star State most of his life. He fell in love with the outdoors at an early age and has been an avid hunter and outdoorsman for over 30 years. When he is not chasing whitetails in Texas, you can find him pursuing mule deer, elk, pronghorn, bear, mountain lion and many other big game species found throughout the western states.

Clint has worked in the oil and gas industry since 2004 and lives in the Houston area with his wife and two daughters. Clint is very passionate about building and maintaining relationships with landowners and potential hunting lessees. He goes out of his way to make sure that both parties openly communicate with one another to achieve the highest level of success possible.

If you are looking to lease your land and generate additional passive income or want to locate a Texas Hunting Lease to enjoy with friends and family, please contact Clint. He is available by phone at (979) 219-0941 or by email at

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