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Eastern Tennessee Leasing Agent

Sammy Durrett is an avid outdoorsman and true land steward. With a love of hunting, fishing, and a lifetime of hunting memories from his youth, he has been leasing hunting lands for the last 15 years. Sammy is very in tune with today's hunters' needs and the needs of property owners. He primarily hunts in TN and can assist with Middle and Easy Tennessee land for lease. One of his greatest joys is hunting with his daughter, who started going with him when she was 5 (now 17). Sammy has been growing food plots and creating deer habitat for many years. He spends countless hours preparing for the upcoming seasons incorporating all the tools needed for success.

Sammy grew up farming and acquired his love and respect for the land and the landowner from this experience. He learned to grow the crops to hold and produce good deer. He has spent many years in the workforce in the service and construction industry. Currently, he owns a home inspection company and a Radon mitigation company.

Sammy is using the knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years to build relationships that will benefit landowners and hunters. Tennessee has excellent deer numbers along with the #2 world record non-typical. The state has thousands of acres of privately owned land that can be secured for leasing with the right approach. The herd here is growing, and the deer quality is continuously improving. Management practices on TN hunting leases have produced many wall hangers. Every deer is a gift, a trophy, and Sammy is prepared to help hunters find high-quality leases that make those dreams come true. A hunting lease gives hunters the control to limit the hunting pressure and create a place that a group or family can enjoy for years and experience the great outdoors.

Call (615) 582-8725 or email today for more information on the options available for landowners in central and eastern Tennessee.

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