Our Newest Hunting Properties Available for Lease | Base Camp Leasing http://www.basecampleasing.com/land/hunting-land-for-lease.htm Copyright 2018 Base Camp Leasing Our newest hunting lands for lease are listed here. To view driving directions or contact the leasing agent for a hunting property lease you are interested in, just click the link for the property and then log into the website (if you're not yet a member, signup is easy!). Monday, 20 August 2018 00:00:00 EST Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST steve@basecampleasing.com 60 http://www.basecampleasing.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[Base Camp Leasing ]]> Wilson County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8280/Wilson-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html This is one rough farm! This owner just purchased this overgrown and neglected mess, and is now offering it to somebody who wants a chance at one of the trophy whitetail bucks, or strutting tom turkeys that roam this area. They spotted the buck in the pictures after this last deer season, so hopefully he is still around...and look at the size of the shed antler they found. Holy cow! Cattle will be on the farm at least part of the year, if not all of it. He is working on getting a fence built to keep them out of the woods and brush. If he does leave them on during the winter, he hopes to keep them contained to the SE corner of the property. Either way, this farm should be a producer! Deer unit 12! Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8280 Texas County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8283/Texas-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a fantastic farm in Southern Missouri that has been managed for mature deer in the past several years. Approx. 530 acres that is part of a bigger ranch, being offered for the first time for deer & turkey hunting only...There are cattle on 330 acres of the 530, but with the intense grazing practices the cattle will only be in a small area of the ranch everyday (See paddock map). I have inspected numerous farms in southern Missouri and this one stands apart from the rest in my book. Texas County is held in high regards every year when it comes to big deer and the turkey population. Deer & Turkey lease only / you will need landowners permission to be on the property outside the deer and turkey seasons.... Landowner prefers management minded hunters Light ATV usage and on established roads only All of landowners current deer stands are off limits Landowner would like 24 hour notice before hunting, in case cattle need to be adjusted Food plots allowed with landowners permission on what and where Camping is permitted by the access area off of Hwy M Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8283 Monroe County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7743/Monroe-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a great farm in Northern Missouri, in a county that is hard to find a lease! Plenty of the ingredients on this farm to hold the wildlife: food, cover, water, Great County for big bucks... Property has plenty of different sections of woods for the hunters to spread out and be successful. Property could be a little hard to maneuver on, until the crops are harvested. Row crops planted on a yearly basis weather permitting. Four ponds and a wet weather creek on this property / Camping and ATV's allowed during hunting season only Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7743 Douglas County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6810/Douglas-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html 46 acres in Douglas county Missouri, which would be perfect for two guys or that Father-son hunt this fall. This property consists of all mature woods that sits on top of the ridge that overlooks the Bryant creek. This property is real close to Rockbridge, Missouri which is famous for some great rainbow trout fishing. You also might be able to find RV or resort accommodations in Rockbridge as well. http://rockbridgemo.com Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6810 Fleming County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7005/Fleming-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This farm for lease sits in the northwest corner of Fleming County, near the Mason and Robertson county lines. The property consists of mostly open crop and pasture land with wooded drainage ravines and creek bottoms. The farm has about 40-50 acres of soybeans, about 50 acres of pasture fields, and the remainder is in brush and timber. The farm borders two larger tracts of timber and the deer flood out of that timber and onto this property to feed. The farm is divided by a road which will allow you a few more access points for hunting. The farm currently has a few cattle in the pasture fields, but those will be removed by May. The owner will brush hog around pasture field and field edges to allow for better access in late summer. I saw ample deer sign around all of the fields, and very heavy trails coming out of the woods and into the bean fields. Also, there was no shortage of buck sign around the field edges as well. Property has a year round stream and a pond, crops, plenty of edge, and good cover to help make this a good deer property, located in a good area known for producing some good quality bucks. Camping and ATV use are ok for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7005 Schuyler County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5809/Schuyler-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is another farm that when the deer come out of the big woods south of this property traveling North, your farm will be the first good food source they will hit! Three hunters can cover the whole property evenly because of the way the woods are spread out here. There is a nice pond that sits high in the middle of this property, that will provide a great vantage point for a gun hunter. Remote Northern Missouri property in a great county, you can't miss with this one. Camping and ATV's are allowed Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 5809 De Kalb County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7723/De Kalb-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Really cool 46 ac DeKalb County Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease. It features 2 entrances into the property that’s remote, but close to Smithville. Also, borders the 2000-acre Pea Ridge WMA. There is plenty of sign to get you excited here. Saw a buck and several does, and a few long beards during my walk through. Hunt on the ridge top, or move down onto the creek and valley through the property. Another cool feature is it sits on Unit L and Unit B line. You can harvest enough to fill the freezer and shoot a good buck. 2 person max. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. ** Sits near the Cannon DeKalb County line so good numbers here** **Bonus 2000 acre WMA next door for more ground** **Local Lodging in Smithville** **Just a little more than an hour out of Nashville** Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7723 Douglas County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8282/Douglas-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a killer little farm located just outside of Lawrence. This 40-acre honey hole is totally landlocked and is made up of some of the best looking deer habitat you will ever see. Most of the property is overgrown in tall grass, brush and trees. The 5-acre field on the north part has been mowed within the last year, so it is basically thigh high CRP. You are welcome to mow any of the property to your liking, or the owner can set you up with somebody that can mow it for you. He usually has a trail mowed around the edge of the property, but has not been able to get it done this year. As you can tell from the aerial picture, the surrounding properties are in crops or woods. No cattle will be on this property. Deer unit 10/ 19! ***ACCESS WILL BE ACROSS THE NEIGHBOR TO THE NORTHEAST. THE GATE IS LOCKED, AND YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THE LEASING AGENT TO GET THE GATE COMBINATION*** ***THERE ARE SEVERAL OLD ROTTEN TREESTANDS ON THE PROPERTY- THEY ARE NOT SAFE, SO PLEASE DO NOT USE*** Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8282 Adams County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5134/Adams-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html This property is 80 acres in Adams County Iowa. Just off the Nodaway River bottom this property really draws in deer. In this part of the state, if you have the timber, you have the deer...and this property is nearly all timber. Better yet, it's surrounded by row crop. Several creeks and ditches run through the property providing water and cover. The landowner lives on the property giving it some extra security. Zone 4 Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 5134 Washtenaw County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7757/Washtenaw-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html It is very hard to find hunting property in this area. Once you find it you know better than to ever let it go. This is a nice property with easy access. You have about 30 acres of woods on the south end with a nice hardwood ridge and some good swamp for bedding. There is a good fence row on the west side with a couple fingers of cover and a small pothole in the field. Also, there is a tree line from the north half way down in the middle of the property. A new pipeline was installed in 2017 and could make a great food plot through the woods. I saw a good flock of turkey on inspection and decent deer sign. Fields are in row crops. If you are looking for a property around Manchester this could be it. Landowner may select cut in the future but will work around hunting season. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7757 Carter County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8285/Carter-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Every now and then you come upon something a little more special than average and this property is in that class! Here is 95 acres of prime deer and turkey habitat bordering Carter Caves State Park (No Hunting), and it lays nicely so don’t let the aerials turn you away. I pulled into an opening to park when I arrived and immediately I see deer staring at me. Deer were seen and bumped in numerous locations during the inspection. Check out the buck killed by this landowner on another tract we have close by, so there are good genetics in this area and this spot should not disappoint. Lots of opening for foods plots and it’s good to go. Good browse noted, and the deer obviously spend a lot of time here. Good timber and thickness for numerous stand locations. I’ll be blown away if someone doesn’t have a great time on this Carter County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease. **Good trail system on the lease but a few spots will need a little work** **Multiple entry spots along your road frontage** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **New survey so slight difference of line with hunting apps along NW corner, use aerial map provided** **Landowner will allow food plots in some of the openings** Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8285 Wood County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4948/Wood-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Welcome to Creek-side Cabin! This hunting property has everything that a hunter could ask for within its 60 acres. It’s pretty obvious the deer navigate up and down the banks of this river and cross right at the property to sneak from bedding to the agricultural fields behind the cabin. The timbered sections along the creek are mostly mature oaks and maples. The remainder of property is agricultural and should provide a food source to help hold wildlife on the property. The cabin is simple but clean and cozy with a loft to sleep in and wood heat to keep you warm and dry. There is also a small shed you can use to store gear or park your four wheeler in. Primary access is from the southern side via the cabin or eastern side from agricultural ground. All legal game is yours to hunt. Cabin can be used for hunting related activities. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. No camping since you have the cabin to use if needed. Limited spots for a food plot, thus you will need landowner's permission to do so. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 4948 McNairy County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7045/McNairy-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Excellent opportunity for a variety of game, big and small can be found on this McNairy County Tennessee Deer, Turkey and Hog Hunting lease. Having been cutover around 2013 has created a nice thickness providing good browse and bedding. I saw tons of deer tracks throughout, including a few hog tracks. Nice field on the east side has been in food plot in the past and still getting plenty of activity. Nice section of pines to north of food plot should make some great stand locations. Plenty of trees left throughout, so come get start prepping for the fall. I did note a spring running through the middle section and there is a pond to the west side. On the most eastern section there is a swampy area and a creek that landowner says a few ducks have been killed here in past. Creek may provide a fishing opportunity according to the landowner. **Gated and locked for protection from trespassing** **Food plot can be re-worked if you choose** **Great place for a towers, box blinds or ladder stands** **Saw several rabbits during inspection** **Create some trails for easier access to the thicker areas** **Lodging is available in Ramer** Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7045 Berrien County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6261/Berrien-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nice 65 acre property that would be great for a couple of guys who want a turkey and deer spot to hunt in south west Michigan near the Indiana border. It is mostly hardwoods with ridges and valleys running through it. There is a 5 acre field on the back side and another 5 acres of crops in front. There woods are plenty thick to hold deer and there are plenty of good trees for hanging stands. The left over logging trails snake through the hills for easy access. The owner of the property lives very close, so he can keep an eye on the property. Camping is allowed on the property and there is a nice spot for it up front. No screw-in steps, nails or spikes in the trees. Ladder stands are fine as long as they don’t damage the trees. The owner is great to work with. He just wants to protect the trees for the future. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6261 Herkimer County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6721/Herkimer-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has 100 acres available for immediate lease in Southern Herkimer County, New York for hunting. This is a great whitetail and turkey property. This hunting lease has it all ( beautiful woods, several crop fields, apple trees and thick stuff). Lots of deer sign on this property with great funnel opportunities for stand locations. It will hunt great for bow or gun. This property's terrain is not steep and can be accessed easily. It is located in (WMU 6R) which was a high draw for both residents and non-residents in past years for a DMP tag. Also, the landowner will throw in 1 landowner tag (providing availability by DEC for this FY) to whoever leases this property. Part of the property is an old apple orchard and is loaded with apples. This property will hold deer all season. Respectful ATV use and camping are allowed. Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6721 Boone County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7735/Boone-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html This farm lays out beautiful! The 2 hidden fields are going to be hot spots. They have surrounding cover and border the creek. As you can see in the pictures, it does not get much better than this. There is also connecting cover providing some really nice funnel locations as well. Overall... this farm has everything you want in a hunting property. Perfect mix of timber and fields with a creek all along your north property line. Access is excellent with a private gravel lane that splits the farm in half. You can park way on the east side for the day of your hunt, but easily get back there to retrieve your harvest after the hunt. ATV okay for hunting related purposes only. Stay off the fields when crops are in. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7735 Richardson County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6822/Richardson-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html Thick brush with hardwoods, a strip of tall native grass, plus secluded portions of crop fields makes this a great deer & turkey property. I jumped a nice, tall 8 point buck (or 4x4 for western folk; my guess was ~135”+). I also saw multiple deer tracks. I noticed a few sets of turkey tracks. This property should hunt well for a couple hunters, archery or rifle. Lodging is nearby in either Falls City, NE or Pawnee City, NE. No driving on standing crops. Approximately 23 acres of the woods on the north side of the road is currently listed for sale, however the landowner indicates there has not been much interest for the price he wants. If the property would sell, the landowner said he would work it out with the leasing hunters. Do let that fact detract you from this nice piece of habitat, and yes you are still on the correct property if there is a “For Sale” sign there. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6822 Pushmataha County Oklahoma Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7674/Pushmataha-County-Oklahoma-Hunting-Lease.html Property consists of pines, lots of hard woods that will make some very good cover, along with draws, ridges and plenty of water. Inspected this property and I saw several deer and turkey walking the timber during the inspection. Walked up on approximately 12 deer and there were several good bucks that were in velvet, along with several doe as well. Seen about three groups of turkey and jumped several young ones in the timber. There are hogs on the property too. The Antlers Area is known for big deer and high numbers of deer, that's why it’s known as Oklahoma deer capital. There is also a small cabin that the hunters can make camp at with bunk beds. Or they can pull a camper trailer and park it. This lease will be for deer, turkey, hogs, waterfowl, and even (BEAR) yes this is one of Oklahoma's bear hunting counties and there are bear in the area. The 5 ponds that are on the property have good fishing also. Cattle on property: Feeders ok: Camping allowed: Land owner lives on property and you must stop at land owners house before viewing property, so she knows your there. No more than 5 hunters: Bear hunting during bear season permitted: Fishing permitted: 4 wheelers permitted: Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7674 Montgomery County Pennsylvania Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6275/Montgomery-County-Pennsylvania-Hunting-Lease.html If you are looking for a great property in the suburbs of Philadelphia, then look no further. Hunting property in this area is extremely rare and a tract this large (57 acres) is hard to find. This land is close to the Schuylkill River, Valley Forge National Park and the Chester County line. This area of Pennsylvania is known for harvesting some of the largest Whitetail Bucks in the state. The property is loaded with bedding areas, food and water. I observed a few crab apple trees and oaks that were loaded. Parts of the property were so thick I could barely walk through it. Other areas had nice trails, which would allow for easy access and placement of stands. There is mature timber throughout the property that would be great for climbing stands. This land is watched by a local caretaker and you will see posters throughout the land. If you are looking for a true trophy, do not pass on this property it will not last long. No cutting of trees. ATV for hunting purposes only. No screw in steps. Only two does per hunter. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6275 Chippewa County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7118/Chippewa-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Listing is proof of the quality of mature bucks taken in this area. All bucks taken on landowners various properties all near Cornell. Nice mix of agriculture, hardwoods and lower ground make up this 80 acre hunting lease. Several trails running through the timbered ground will help with stand placement and access into them. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping for hunting related activities okay with permission from landowner. Food plots okay with permission from landowner. Landowner would also like the make and license plates of your vehicles. Properties 7115 and 7116 are also owned by same landowner. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7118 Miami County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7718/Miami-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Fantastic farm in one of the top Northern Indiana counties! Two sections for your group to spread out. The north 65 acres has timber along the creek with row crops. Excellent deer travel corridor, so be sure to hunt this during the rut. You can access this section by parking along the road next to the row crops. The 115 acre south section is prime ground. You have a nice, small spot in the very northeast corner to pull in along the fence to park. I put a BCL sign right there to easily identify the parking area. The creek starts at the road and flows down into a large valley bottom ground area. There are a few ditches beginning at the field edges cutting into the timber, ideal locations for deer passing through at the top of these ditches. The 2 small hidden fields on the south end will be awesome areas as well. The timber area on this south section is slightly rugged but has an old logging road which is nice for getting around. Good fence along the property lines make it easy to know your staying on this great Indiana hunting lease. Don't miss out on this one! Stay off the fields when crops are in. Respectful ATV use for hunting related purposes only. A select cut may be done by 2018 and they will try to work around the hunting season if possible. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7718 Lancaster County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7856/Lancaster-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html 80 acres of great outdoors fun! Deer, turkey, upland game, and even frogs are plentiful. Hillside farm with ponds, timber, cedar grove, grass ways, and row crops. This property will not only be a deer harvesting honey hole but also some fantastic spring turkey hunting. The hillside and timber draws offer a lot of cover but the main hideout is the cedar grove with the pond, this thick area will always be a sanctuary to wildlife. Easy access to any part of this property makes this lease even more hunter friendly. The farmer is considering planting a cover crop after harvest. Permissions for food plot planting can be discussed with landowner. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7856 Washtenaw County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8276/Washtenaw-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html I am constantly asked…. “Please find my group a great farm close to Ann Arbor or Detroit”. Well here it is!!! This is a fantastic property… just check out the aerial photos. This property is just south of Saline Michigan and will hunt big. There are multiple woodlots with great connecting tree-lines and cover. There are hidden ponds, grass swales, rolling terrain and hidden crop fields. This property is right on the Saline River and should produce some great bucks. Also, I spotted turkey on inspection for a bonus. Finally, I saw so many great stand locations I lost count. There are a couple of old barns here if you need to get out of the weather. There is access from the north, south, east and west so you can play the winds. You can hunt different deer groups on either side of the road. Lots of connecting cover, and the rut should be a blast here. It would be tough to find another farm that is spread out as nice as this. No driving in crop fields. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only when crops are out, and ground is hard. It is tough to find good property in this area… so don’t play around, as it may be a while before a property this nice comes around again. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8276 Hillsdale County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/3184/Hillsdale-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is a large hard to find Hillsdale County Michigan property. The woods are thick and the property was select cut in 2013. The 80 plus acres of woods runs a full mile long. You can see there are some nice bucks in this area from the game camera pictures from this property.There is nice marshy habitat, and the beginning of a creek flows away from this ridgetop. There is good access from the east. The fields are in row crops. There are plenty of turkeys here as a bonus. If you have a group looking for a big Hillsdale County property, then this is it. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 3184 Allegany County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4346/Allegany-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Almost all wooded hunting lease in Allegany Co. New York. Very nice mixed hardwood stand, some agriculture in the area. Great trail system throughout property. Lots of deer and turkey. ATV's OK for hunting purposes only. Property lines well marked. A cabin is available directly through the landowner seperate from this lease. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 4346 Sullivan County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6537/Sullivan-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is another great 80 acres of CRP and strip woods in a county that's holding it's own when it comes to harvesting big whitetails in Missouri. This Missouri hunting lease will be a big part of the local deer herds bedding ground and travel corridor year round. Lots of deer sign on this property and plenty of good woods for that die hard bow hunter that needs to get close to get the job done. Foot traffic or light ATV's only when the fields are wet Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6537 Scioto County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8277/Scioto-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html This is just a nice Southern Ohio hunting lease. There is good diverse cover here, including hidden thick overgrown bottom fields, pond, creek, three ridges and a couple ravines. Nice hardwoods with old logging trails and benches to set up on. Landowner lives across the road from the gated access so he will keep an eye on things. Also, he will Bush Hog the trails and open a few spots for food plots if you so wish. With a little work on the bridge across the creek you would have easy access to the whole property with ATV. This is a nice protected set-up for some great hunts along with a good landowner. Property was select cut in 2013 but it is hard to tell anymore. No alcohol on premises. Landowner would like at least 24 hour notice by text or email. Camping location to be approved by landowner. Noise level if camping must be held to a minimum. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8277 Calloway County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8269/Calloway-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html You are going to love this near perfect 543-ac Calloway County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease. This property comes ready to hunt with approx 8-9 box blinds in place. There may be stands on the property so use at own risk. Light pressure in past few years. There is a nice clover field just as you arrive at the property, including a mineral lick seeing action as of late. About 2 acres of a food plot in corn planted on one field I came upon, which had a tom turkey feeding alongside it when I walked up, check out the pic. There is some cropping going on here, but lots of fields and many secluded, that could be planted and you have the go ahead. I pushed deer around the entire time I was on the property and saw it least a dozen or so, and as many turkey. There is big timber and some cedars scattered about. Thick, thin, creek bottom, ridges, hollows, fingers and draws can all be found here. Found a few persimmon trees loaded with fruit. Droppings, trails, beds, you'll find that and more on your lease. Knight branch runs through the property so a constant water source here. This is the kind of place where dreams can come true in Kentucky guys so don’t miss your chance. **Part of property to north borders Beechy Creek WMA and is near Kentucky Lake WMA** **Several mineral sites across the property** **Camping OK, and Electric hook-up may be possible so consult landowner after leasing** **Annual crop rotation on a couple of locations on the property** **Lots of road frontage and some good logging roads make getting into the property a breeze** **Establishing a good rapport with landowner could result in something long term for you** **Beware some of the blinds do have wasps so be safe on inspection** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **There are several homes on the farm so familiarize yourself before hunting** Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8269 Grant County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8274/Grant-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Deer hunting lease in Grant County Wisconsin. Uniquely shaped, almost all wooded property that runs for almost a mile in length and is surrounded by hundreds of acers of agricultural land. A good portion of the property is pastured and thus why the landowner does not want any hunting done when cattle are present. Typically cattle are off of the property by mid-September but to be safe, archery deer hunting cannot start until Oct. 15th each year. This still gives you the prime weeks of the rut to hunt. No restrictions on the remainder of the fall deer hunting seasons other than when you can start archery hunting deer. In regards to spring turkey hunting, landowner is willing to discuss options for this but similar to the archery deer hunting, does not want any turkey hunting being done when cattle come back onto the pasture in the spring. There are 3 primary access points into property. 2 on northwestern and southwestern sides and another on very southern boundary of the property. Great road system throughout the timbered ground and valleys that will be a great help in stand placement and game retrieval. Several smaller creeks trickle into the larger creek that runs through center of the property. What struck me is how secluded I felt once into the rolling timbered ridges and valley running through center of property. In my discussions with the landowner as well as some other people I know in this area of the state, this property has produced some real giants over the years and is considered one of the best hunting properties in this part of Grant County. Deer hunting cannot start until Oct. 15th each year unless otherwise allowed by landowner based off of when cattle are off pasture. Landowner would like to initially meet with the hunters and get the make and license plates of your vehicles. Camping is allowed with permission from the landowner in regards to where and is to only be done for hunting related activities. Food plots might be a challenge to establish due to cattle, but landowner is open to discussion regarding this. Respectful use of ATV allowed for hunting related activities when weather and ground conditions permit. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8274 Logan County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8275/Logan-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Sweet Logan County property on the Great Miami River just outside Quincy. This is 147 acres of diverse land with 82 acres of woods and cover. This property consists of hidden crop fields, hidden pond, great funnels, and old railroad bed along with great woods and bedding cover. This place just looks Bucky!! The cover is spread out well for multiple stand locations. Landowner lives on site to keep an eye on things. There is a summer camp ground with about 12 campers that officially closes November 1st, but landowner says no one comes after the holiday. The lane down to the campground will give you great access. Property is well protected by the river on the north and road on the south. This area has a good deer herd. This property looks like a great pick to manage for a few years…. and you should shoot some great bucks. If you have been looking around Logan or Champaign Counties for a great lease this should fit the bill. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. NO mushroom hunting. Landowner wants to be notified if you are coming in to hunt spring turkey. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8275 Carroll County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6052/Carroll-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Here's your chance to hunt one of the best counties in Tennessee with 37 bucks harvested with 11pts or more last season. Nice mixture of fields and hardwoods. Bottom land edges a 1000 acre lake. Previous neighbors were a timber company property planted in pines, so they should come to you for food. This farm underwent a timber harvest in 2014 so expect good bedding and plenty of browse. Saw deer and plenty of sign during inspection. Turkey and other game present as well. Previous hunting club had a 4pt on one side minimum restriction and landowner has seen trail cam photos of a "monster." Reedy Creek feeds through the bottom and there is a swamp area between the road and the lake. Landowner lives on the property. Camping is ok and electric could be available at your cost. Camp site to be determined between you and landowner. ATV use ok, and food plots in designated areas working with farmer who cuts the hay. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6052 Edmonson County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7730/Edmonson-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Another awesome Edmonson County Kentucky Big Buck Hunting Lease, and I would hunt it in a heartbeat. The landowner has given us another property in big buck heaven. Guys check out the pics of deer that have been taken from the landowner’s property which lies only a half mile from this farm. The deer travel that same valley that leads through your lease. There have been Booners taken in this area guys. This property has some big timber but a nice thickness to put you in a place to bring home the big boys. Rolling woodland and fields to be expected here. Trails, tracks, beds were all found during my inspection. Creek provides a constant source of water. Once leased, most likely not available for some time. **Shed on property can be used for storage or sit in it and hunt** **Good turkey numbers in this area** **Numerous stand locations on this property** **Food plots OK, consult landowner** **Unimproved road into property so 4-wheel drive is suggested** **ATV use OK, hunting purposes only** Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7730 Calhoun County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7754/Calhoun-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is my top pick for a small property in Southern Michigan. Calhoun County is the place and this is a good one. This property has a bunch of thick connecting tree lines covered in white, red and black oaks. You have access from the east and the south. Rice Creek runs along the north border. Tree lines along the road screen your property. Deer tracks were everywhere along with good buck sign. I found the best stand site I have seen in some time here… two inside corners and a river crossing in one spot!! Plenty of stand options for a smaller farm. Fields are in row crops. If you are looking for a super smaller farm in this area do not pass on this one. I have properties across the road and to the north and they are killing some great bucks. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7754 Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8273/Lackawanna-County-Pennsylvania-Hunting-Lease.html Nice secluded property in a good area of Lackawanna County know for deer, bear and turkey. Nice swampy area in the middle that will hold bear and deer. More Blueberries than a person could count. Nice mature timber, mix of Cherry, Maple, Hemlock, and some Oaks. Very thick, should make a good bedding area and a good place for deer and bear to hide when the pressure gets heavy. Owner said he would allow limited camping in the area at the western point of the property off Sassafrass Road. He said he would only allow camping for a couple weeks during deer/bear season. He will provide a key to the leasing group. Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8273 Grant County Oklahoma Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4709/Grant-County-Oklahoma-Hunting-Lease.html Don't pass up this place. The aerials don't do it justice at all. When I inspected 2 YEARS ago, the crops were planted in waste high milo and there were deer ALL OVER IT. I drove around the quarter and just about everywhere I looked, there were tracks, big tracks, coming to and from the milo. While walking around the property, I saw deer sign all over the place. The cover along west side is pretty thick and the grass is very tall. Should be great bedding. There is a small pond and the deer are using it for water. With a couple of corn feeders and well placed tripods, this place should produce one of those mature northern Oklahoma bucks. Good cover to the north, south and west will hold deer in the area. There have been turkeys spotted on this property. As an added bonus, there were hundreds of dove using the milo and the pond. Should be some EXCELLENT dove hunting too. Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 4709 Oconto County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6013/Oconto-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Hunting leases in northeastern Wisconsin are tough to come by, so this is your chance to lock up one of those for yourself. Just south of Oconto and 30 minutes or so north of Green Bay is this 70 acre densely wooded parcel. As you can see from the aerial, there is very good access from 4 of the 7 property boundaries and plenty of deer sign. Timber is primarily soft woods but still enough browse to hold deer. There is also a small creek just off the southern border of this property so water is close by. This area is also good for turkey and grouse. Property has recently been put up for sale All legal game is yours to hunt. Camping and respectful use of ATV okay for hunting related activities. Landowner is not opposed to food plots, just is not sure where you could find an opening to put one. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6013 Washington County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6541/Washington-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html All wooded, big bowl hollow with several benches and little ravines. Lots of big oak trees. Saw some heavy trails and couple nice rubs. Nice spot for a camper and ATV's Ok but not great access. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6541 Gallia County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7493/Gallia-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Great all wooded tract in south eastern Ohio. Two ridges connected with a nice saddle, and the ridges have lots of oaks. Tract will hunt larger than it looks. Access from 2 roads. There is no real ATV access to this property. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7493 Grayson County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7732/Grayson-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Not far from I65 in Grayson County Kentucky, lies this sweet 190-acre Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease. Bumped a very nice buck during my walk through, and evidence he’s spending time in a certain area. This farm is in row crop rotation annually and there is plenty of browse to hold them. Nice creek running through the farm. Wood lines along field edges have trails running parallel to them all over the property. Tons of droppings tell me the deer live here year around. Check out the pic of the nice 8pt the landowner took a few years ago. Very nice landowners live on the property. respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. **Camping allowed and you can use the big metal building** **There may be stands or blinds on property, use at own risk** **Landowner says he will keep your feeder filled for you** **Lots of Turkeys on the property** **It is requested you harvest all predators** **Notify agent when going to inspect for landowner notification** Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7732 Mercer County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8272/Mercer-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice river bottom farm along the Weldon River in Mercer county Missouri. To me this is going to be a destination farm for the deer because of your crops and the river pinch point on the northern end of the property. The tower deer stand (use at your own risk) in the middle of the row crops will prove valuable during the gun season with its 360 degree views...I'm positive any hunting pressure around this lease will have the deer moving through your farm to take sanctuary. Mercer County never disappoints in the fall of the year. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8272 Livingston County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8267/Livingston-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a Honey Hole in my book! 88 acres with crops, woods and the right location to bring down those big northern bucks...Day of inspection I could hear and see deer running away and I busted two turkeys in the woods on the North end of property. There is a pond in the NW corner of the property that will attract a lot of wildlife and is a great location for a deer stand. Row crops planted on the southern end on a yearly basis, weather permitting. Property is close to Chillicothe, Missouri. No food plots allowed If extremely wet, no vehicles on the property Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8267 Ozark County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8266/Ozark-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Nice looking property for that small group of guys or family looking to harvest deer & turkey on a regular basis. Typical Ozark country is what you will find on this property, with good hardwoods and a few cedar patches here and there. This property has easy access from the gravel road and will open up a lot more when the leaves come off the trees in the fall. There are two good ravines that run through this property with several nice ridges for the deer & turkey to move around on. There is really no pull-in to park along the road on the northern side of property, but with a few small trees removed you should be able to develop a pull-in for the vehicle. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8266 Green Lake County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8270/Green Lake-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html 177 Acres in Green Lake County. This is a great opportunity for an excellent piece of whitetail habitat. This is an all species lease with a great location. This property is located at the end of the road and the back side of the property is bordered by the Fox River. Several deer and turkey were observed in the area before my arriving at the property to do an inspection. Plenty of deer and turkey sign was also visible on the property during my inspection. Rubs, beds, trails, and old scrapes were spotted during my walk around. The property has a great combination of hardwoods, pine plantings, crop fields, marshy areas, ponds, and river shoreline. Lots of acorn bearing oak trees are on the property as well. Lots of edges between the different habitats will provide perfect ambush spots. Respectful use of ATV’s is allowed for hunting related purposes only. Camping and food plots are ok with permission from the landowner as to where. Landowner is willing to help with food plots if you would so like. The landowner lives on the property and if you are inspecting the property he would like a stop by the house to let him know why and what you are there for. He will also keep an eye on the property. The landowner would like contact from the hunters initially. No use of nails, screws, and screw in tree steps is allowed. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8270 Grant County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6629/Grant-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Beautiful views of the Mississippi River from your deer stand is what you will find on this 75 acre deer and turkey hunting lease in Grant County. Giant white oak trees along with various other hard woods make up the majority of this property with plenty of underbrush to hold wildlife. There is also a great trail system that the landowner keeps mowed to allow for quiet and easy access into your hunting stands. Various places on these trails already have established clover on them as you see in the listing, but landowner is also open to allowing additional food plots. There have been several large bucks taken on this property in the past few years by other hunters but unfortunately the landowner does not have pictures of them. This is a deer and seasons 1-3 spring turkey hunting lease. No one else will be hunting the property outside of those seasons. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping and food plots with landowner permission is also okay. Landowner does live on the property and request an approximately 2 acre buffer zone around his house that is not to be hunted - those two acres have been deducted from the total acres of lease. He would also like a call prior to your visits to the property. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6629 Larue County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7707/Larue-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This Larue County Kentucky property isn’t exactly covered up with timber. But, the deer are here as the place is surrounded by row crops, besides the fact row crops are in place on the farm as well. The trees on the small hill will provide you the vantage point to ambush a few this season at a very reasonable cost. You have the go ahead of the landowners to plant a food plot on the same hilltop for a late season draw. The fence line has crossings and activity along it as the herd moves around from farm to farm. Great Father/Child property to introduce them to deer hunting guys. **Less than 5 mins from I-65** **Ladder stands or blinds should work well here** **Local lodging in Hodgenville or E’Town or just camp in front of the barn** **ATV use OK, hunting purposes only** Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7707 Caldwell County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7949/Caldwell-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a great lease in Northern Missouri, that is very secluded and holding wildlife on a daily basis. Row crop farm on yearly basis weather permitting, with just enough mature woods to have the bucks cruising this property in search of love… Previous trail cam & harvest pictures definitely show the genetics and potential the farm has for mature deer. Caldwell County always holds its own in the Big Buck category every year. Camping is allowed and ATV's for hunting related purposes only Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7949 Van Buren County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6712/Van Buren-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html Thick bedding cover at the road hides the crop field in back. There are good fence rows to hunt here with a couple of nice small patches of woods. Lots of deer in this area. This is a great farm to fill your tags!! Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6712 Wood County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7721/Wood-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Peace and quiet. That is the thought that came to mind when I walked this property, especially on the northeastern side. Long easement gets you back to the more timbered section of the property and is owned by the landowner so no issues there. Other than the agricultural work on the crops, it is rare that anyone else will ever be on the property. Landowner lives about 5 miles from the property and has never had time to hunt, nor the desire. Landowner told me he wants someone else to be able to enjoy the property with their family or friends. There is a pond and small creek on the property. The power lines pictured in the listing could make for a potential rifle stand with already established shooting lanes. Landowner told me that it is rare not to see deer and turkeys in the fields when driving back into the northeastern 40 via the easement. All legal game is yours to hunt. Camping allowed for hunting related activities but do not block access to the fields. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities okay. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner as to where on the property. He also mentioned that his brother might be interested in putting these in for you for an additional fee. Landowner would like to meet initially and be supplied with the make and license plates of your vehicles. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7721 Texas County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8268/Texas-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Recently logged heavily with numerously tree tops scattered amongst the property, sits this diamond in the rough! The deer are loving all the hidden locations to bed down and stay out of harms way. The day of inspection I jumped bucks, does, and fawns all bedded on this property. The property is probably more of a gun lease, but bow hunting the right deer path is allowed as well. Great place for the group of hunters that want to see wildlife and be successful during the fall deer season. Priced right, not to break the bank for a small group of hunters to be successful. Camping and ATV's allowed during deer season only. Deer lease only Lease ends January 15th 2019 Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8268 Taylor County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8259/Taylor-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Diverse 160 acre all legal game hunting lease in Taylor County. Portions of 2 lakes, marshy areas, rolling hard woods and thicker cedar type pockets were all on the tour route given to me by the landowner. The really good road system made this a pretty easy task and will certainly be an asset for access, stand placements and retrieval of game. On the way out of the property, landowner asked if I wanted to drive around the block which we did. It was approximately 7pm when we did this and I saw at least 50 deer in various fields feeding during the drive. If they were not in the fields they were grazing in the ditches along side the roads. This is a good indication that the deer herd is very healthy in this area. Portions of the property are pastured with approximately 25 cows and calves. They typically are off of pasture and being fed at the landowners barn middle to end of September each fall. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related purposes is okay. Camping allowed with permission from landowner. Food plots also ok with permission from landowner and he might be willing to help assist you in getting these planted for an additional fee. Landowner would like to initially meet with you and also welcomes you to stop in. Giving them a heads up when you are coming to the property and supplying them with the make and license plates of your vehicles would be appreciated. Landowner is adamant that bears cannot be hunted on his property using dogs, so if you are lucky enough to draw a bear tag you will have to hunt them over bait. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8259 Cayuga County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8261/Cayuga-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 37 acre hunting lease available for immediate lease in Cayuga County, New York. This hunting lease is close to Locke, New York and about 45 miles from Syracuse, New York. The WMU is (7J) and both residents and non-residents have been able to get several doe permits for this area in the past. The property consists of a crop field that is 13 acres and a creek bottom and woods that are 24 acres. I found several deer beds in the crop field. Unfortunately I could not cross the stream due to 7" of rain in the last 3 days. The bottom is as wide as a 100 yards in spots and runs uphill to the main woods. There is an excellent edge along a power line that cuts through the property. The landowner stated the stream can usually be crossed with just rubber boots. You can post the property if you would like. ATV use and camping are allowed for hunting purposes only. Stay off the crop field (ride the edge). Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8261 Tompkins County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8262/Tompkins-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 119 acre hunting lease available for immediate lease in Tompkins County, New York. This hunting lease is located about 15 miles west of Cortland, New York. The WMU (7J) is known for its deer herd and has given numerous Doe Management Permits (DMP) in past years. The property consists of 3 different woods totaling 33 acres and 86 acres of working crop fields. The fence lines separating the fields are very wide and thick as well. They have many apple trees in them. The back crop field was loaded with deer beds. I saw numerous deer trails when I inspected the woods. The landowner stated he sees deer and turkey often. The property is pretty flat and easy walking. The landowner is open to putting in some food plots to draw the deer and turkey. You can post the property if you desire. ATV use and camping are allowed for hunting purposes only. Stay off the crop fields! Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8262 Juneau County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8265/Juneau-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html In the very southwestern part of Juneau County, near the borders with Vernon and Sauk Counties lies this 173 acre all legal game hunting lease. At times hunters may initially overlook Juneau County but many do not realize that the very southern parts of Juneau border up to both Vernon and Sauk Counties which are two of the most sought after counties in the state. What I liked about the property was, the northern portion is in CREP and has two smaller lakes on it. During my inspection I jumped a big flock of Wood Ducks off the first lake. Parts of this could stay wet throughout hunting season but I also have no doubt it will hold deer especially when hunting pressure starts in earnest during rifle season. The Baraboo River runs through the property from north to south winding its way between the timbered and more open marshy areas. Some of the eastern boundary is made up by the river while other parts the boundary is the two lane road on eastern side. Portions of property are pastured but cattle are typically off by end of September (no guarantees) so the majority of your deer hunting will occur after cattle are off. Almost none of the timbered ground is pastured, only the more open areas. Landowner lives about 20 miles away so once cattle are off, you will have the place almost to yourself. Lastly, the landowner continually told me that he was willing to listen to any ideas the hunters had and would help them out if he could to make this enjoyable for them. Only fair then that I relay to you what I believe will be somewhat of a challenge to hunting this property. You have very good access on western side of property but the river splits the property with majority of timber on eastern side of river. I did park along road on eastern side and walk in to inspect. Shoulder is not very big and ditch a bit too steep to get ATV in. The very southern tip of property does have a nice spot to park or camp, but would need permission from the landowner whose ATV trail I have pictured in the listing to use to access. He owns a bar there, so might be willing to let you use this if you stop in for some food and drinks every once and awhile. Your other option is to get some waders or small boat to cross over the river if that is where you decide to hang some stands. Silver lining to all of this though is that with a bit more difficult access to this it also probably will discourage any trespassing or has not had much hunting pressure in the past. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities okay. Camping for hunting related activities allowed inside of one of the two gates on western side once cattle are off. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner as to where on property. Landowner is open to discussing any ideas you may have on how to improve your hunting experience so don't hesitate to ask him. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8265 Greenwood County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7706/Greenwood-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html This lease is going straight to the top of the list of my favorite properties. Featuring OVER 2.5 MILES of wooded creek, this one looks like a no brainer for excellent deer and turkey hunting. Located just a short drive from Eureka, but in a very sparsely populated area of the county, this property should give those legendary Kansas whitetails all the peace and quiet they need to grow big. This is big cattle country, and cattle will be on the property part of the year. There is a neat old farmstead in the middle of the property, which includes an old run-down house and some big old barns. This place must have really been something back in its hay day. West of the farmyard is a private low water bridge that will give you access to the western part of the north side, as well as a great spot to fish or even launch a small boat or canoe. I can see myself spending a weekend running limb lines or even bow fishing up and down this creek. There is another low water bridge on the southern property line. Deer unit 14. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7706 Pleasants County West Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6023/Pleasants-County-West Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nicely laid out property near the Ohio line located in Pleasants County. Don't let the size of this property fool you, it will hunt bigger than it appears. I saw 4 deer upon inspection, and there was literally deer sign everywhere I walked. There is a nice overgrown field directly located in the center of the property that could be sectioned off where various hidden food plots could be planted if you desire. There is a nice mix of thick cover and open timber on the property as well. The property is bordered by a nice creek that will act as a good funnel and help keep deer moving across the property. This will be a fun property for 2 or 3 guys to hunt. Property is accessed via right-of-way. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6023 Fond du Lac County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6690/Fond du Lac-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Deer, turkey, pheasants and waterfowl were all seen during my inspection of this large property just north of Ripon. Deer stands from previous owners are scattered throughout the property and apparently there for you to use if you want. I jumped deer in every corn field and guess where they ran - right into the marshy areas and numerous pockets of timber I tried to represent on the pictures in this listing. I tell hunters all the time - go with your gut. After walking this property my gut was telling me that there are a lot of deer on this property and this will only continue to increase as the hunting season wears on. If you are looking for an easy property to hunt, there are some places that can be accessed fairly easily, but if you are prepared to put in the time and effort and get to the more remote parts of the property, I truly believe it will be worth your while. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay with care not to drive on any crops. Camping is okay for hunting related activities but cannot interfere with any farming. No food plots allowed. Landowner encourages hunters to harvest does to minimize crop damage and if possible would be willing to obtain crop tags for you to use if needed. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6690 Vigo County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7388/Vigo-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html This is going to be an awesome little lease for an archery hunter. I jumped 2 groups of deer out of here and the crops are absolutely being demolished. The hardwoods have some good oaks spread out and the acorns were really starting to hit the ground. A nice little stream along the East side had water in it giving these deer everything they need in one spot. I know that there are a few houses around here but these deer see very little hunting pressure. Landowner sees deer out in the fields almost every time they go by the farm and does not know of anyone hunting around it very hard. This is a great natural funnel during the rut and will have good deer cruising through looking for a hot doe. There are a lot of larger wood lots around so you never know what might come slipping through. Easy access from 3 sides and good cover in the woods will make it easy to access the farm for most any wind. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7388 Logan County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7868/Logan-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Super Logan County farm with 35 acres of woods and cover broken into four pieces. This property has a history of some great bucks taken here. West woods is thick bedding along a small seasonal creek. Of the two center wood lots, one was timbered some years ago and is thick with bedding cover, the other is a more mature open hardwoods. The point of cover and tree line at the east side gets a lot of deer travel. Tracks were everywhere on this farm. There was a doe and a couple fawns in the apple orchard behind the house when I drove in (see pic). Access is through the Landowner’s drive so they will keep an eye on things for you. Nice grass lanes through the fields for access to the woods. Fields are in row crops. Property is close to Huntsville Ohio. Plenty of lodging and food in Bellefontaine Ohio. Landowner close by and can work out a camping spot for you. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Also, there may be some existing stands on property that will be removed by Sept 15th. This is a deer and turkey lease only. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7868 Sauk County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8264/Sauk-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Sauk County is quickly becoming one of my favorites in Wisconsin and this property is no exception to that. Landowners have over 500 total acres but their hunting numbers have continued to decrease over the years and they feel the time is right to share some of it with others. Many quality deer have been taken off of their property as shown in the pictures in this listing. Really nice mix of lower more marshy ground on southern side, then rolling up into agricultural fields and hilled hardwood. There is also a creek that flows through western side of the property. Portions of the property are pastured but typically (No guarantees) they are off by October 1st each year. There is access on 3 sides of the property with gates at two of those. Landowner would like to meet with hunters prior to making your inspection or a deposit on the property. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Use of ATV for hunting related activities when weather and ground conditions permit is okay. Camping is okay with permission from landowner as to where for hunting related activities. Landowner would like to meet initially and get the make and license plates of your vehicles. Food plots are not allowed at this time due to majority of open ground already being in agricultural as well as other portions being pastured. Lastly, if you have to cross a fence he requests that this be done wherever a wooden post is and not where the metal posts are. Lease ends June 1st each year Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8264 Champaign County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6727/Champaign-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html You keep hearing about “Little Iowa” here in central Ohio. Well, this property is smack in the middle of it. This great 108 acre farm is split on two sides of the road with over 50 acres of woods, points, fence-rows and cover. Hunters constantly beg for me to find them a farm in this area… and here it is. This farm will hunt big as you have multiple options to hunt different deer groups. There is very diverse and rolling cover. Big fence-rows and a hidden field to the east top it off. This Urbana-Mechanicsburg area property should hold some mega-bucks, as I know this area well and a ton of giants come from here. Fields are in row crops. Lodging and food is just 15 minutes away in Marysville. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Don’t pass on this one. This is a “Deer Lease Only” Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6727 Dickinson County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7166/Dickinson-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a very solid central Kansas farm. Everybody knows that deer like alfalfa. Well, this farm has plenty of it. The field in the NW corner is bordered by a creek on the north and northwest creating a very nice hidden nook. The east part of the property is in CRP, hay, trees and brush. Lots of old rubs were present. The pond and creek will provide water, and could be good for waterfowl as well. The owner also informed me that he has been seeing quite a few turkeys lately. The owner is super nice and lives on the NW corner of the property, but his house is cut off from the property by the creek. He is in the process of building a covered bridge over the creek, which will be only one of a handful in Kansas. Eventually, they will have an access trail across the north side of the property, coming in from the east side. No cattle will be on this farm. No driving on the property without the owner’s permission Deer unit 8. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7166 Gallia County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8253/Gallia-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Nice property with CRP/fallow meadows/hay fields in the bottom and 2 wooded ridges. Nice hardwood mix with plenty of oak trees. A nice saddle between the ridges looks to be an excellent funnel as well as several benches around the ridges. Limited ATV use for hunting purposes only. You must stay on the edges of the fields. NO FOOD PLOTS ARE POSSIBLE. Camping possible through landowner. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8253 Stephens County Oklahoma Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7676/Stephens-County-Oklahoma-Hunting-Lease.html This property has a good section of timber going down the whole back side of lease. This property also has a really nice pond for waterfowl hunting and will have planted areas of wheat weather permitting. Saw lots of deer tracks, hogs and turkey tracks on this property during my inspection. ***This 160 will make someone a good hunting place***. No camping: 4 wheelers ok: Must put name on feeder and stands: Land owner must know what type vehicle you drive: Trespassing will not be tolerated: Must get with Oklahoma Leasing Agent to get land owners number for viewing: Cattle possibly now or in the future Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7676 Logan County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7866/Logan-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Great property in Logan County Ohio. Approximately 27 acres of woods and cover broken into three sections. Good deer sign here. Nice creek running down east side. West woods has nice hardwoods and a thick bedding area at the north end along the tracks. There is a small quarry pond in this woods that may be a hot spot if the weather is warm during the rut. Lots of options here in an area where they kill some very big bucks. Fields are in row crops. Property is close to Huntsville Ohio. Plenty of lodging and food in Bellefontaine Ohio. Landowner close by and can work out a camping spot for you. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Landowner says the west woods will be select cut between Feb 15th and March 31st, 2019 so not to interfere with hunting seasons. Also, there may be some existing stands on property that will be removed by Sept 15th. This is a deer and turkey lease only. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7866 Logan County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7867/Logan-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Logan County is a hot spot in Ohio for big bucks. You have a chance to kill a giant on this property. There is a 22 acre wood lot well off the road. This woods is full of huge white oaks, plenty of hardwoods and good bedding cover. Nice access lanes across fields. On the west side don’t overlook the fence row going through the field, as bucks cruise this all the time. Fields are in row crops. Property is close to Huntsville Ohio. Plenty of lodging and food in Bellefontaine Ohio. Landowner close by and can work out a camping spot for you. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Landowner says the east woods will be select cut between Feb 15th and March 31st, 2019 so not to interfere with hunting seasons. Also, there may be some existing stands on property that will be removed by Sept 15th. This is a deer and turkey lease only. Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7867 Logan County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7869/Logan-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Don’t overlook this smaller Logan County farm with 10 acres of woods and cover. Plenty of deer sign here and good bedding cover. On inspection I caught two bucks out in the beans, and one looked to be in the 140-150 range. I got a couple pics of them. Landowner says they always jump big bucks on this little piece. Fields are in row crops. Property is close to Huntsville Ohio. Plenty of lodging and food in Bellefontaine Ohio. Landowner close by and can work out a camping spot for you. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Also, there may be some existing stands on property that will be removed by Sept 15th. This is a deer and turkey lease only. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7869 Wayne County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8256/Wayne-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Nice little property for a couple of hunters. About 9 acres of timber plus the north and west edge for field hunting. Great access too! Look at the pictures and you will see a nice lane for walking or an atv along the east property line. Parking spot indicated in green on the aerial, will hold 2 vehicles easily. Great spot to fill up the freezer and maybe tag a big Wayne County buck during the rut! Finding the property line in the woods is easy because the old fence is still standing. One hour from Indy and not far for Ohio hunters either. No screw in steps. Stay off the fields if crops are in. ATV ok for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8256 Wayne County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8257/Wayne-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Nice farm that will be easy to hunt. Good parking right off the road and the logging road leftover makes for an perfect walk in. Plenty of great trees left for any type of stand. A row crop field is to the east. This farm also has a seasonal creek as a bonus... rounding out the ingredients you need to have in a small hunting property. Saw a nice buck during inspection. No screw in steps. Stay off the field when crops are in. ATV okay for hunting related purposes only. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8257 Wayne County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8258/Wayne-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice farm for a small group of hunters. One hour from Indy and close to the Ohio line. There is 16 acres of rolling timber land on the southwest side and the rest is in row crops. This property is better in person than the aerial shows. I really liked this farm. Parking is anywhere along the highway grass strip but I parked closer to the southeast corner. There is a nice entry point off the highway and you can drive to the first ditch and park. Easy 200 yard walk starting at the south fencerow. I bumped 3 deer that were bedded on this farm during inspection. No screw in steps. ATV okay for hunting related purposes. Stay off the fields when crops are in. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8258 Fulton County Illinois Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8263/Fulton-County-Illinois-Hunting-Lease.html Here’s a very nice farm being offered for lease in Fulton County, IL. The farm is made up of, CRP, timber, and water. During my inspection, I came across numerous amounts of deer sign; old rubs, heavily used deer trails, and I even jumped up several deer. It’s difficult to see from the aerial photos, but this farm in many ways is filled with funnels and pinch-points. The farm has some very deep hogback ravines, which funnel the deer along the edge of the ridges making for great stand locations. These areas are where I jumped up most of the deer and even a few turkeys. Although there are some deep ravines, the farm has had a select timber harvest in past. The old logging roads make it easier to maneuver around. I used several of these old logging roads during my inspection. There are some old stands on the farm the landowner has left throughout the years, do not use them, as they are unsafe. This includes the old tower box blind you will see in the photos. Don’t miss your opportunity to hunt a farm in a county that’s known for harvesting mature bucks. *Lease runs from date leased through 20 February *4-wheeler use permitted for hunting purposes only Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8263 Osceola County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7010/Osceola-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is a great rectangular 80 acre wooded lease between the cities of Luther and Leroy. It’s a five minute drive from the freeway which makes it an easy afternoon hunt. This one has a good mix of mature woods and thick wet low land located in the back. With roads on two sides, access will be easy with any wind direction. During inspection I saw plenty of deer crossing all throughout the property and a bunch of wood ducks on the pond at the back. The owner has seen deer, bear, grouse and turkey on the property. 40 acres next to this property and 240 acres across the street are owned by the school district and are not supposed to be hunted. This should keep the pressure down in the area. The landowner would like you to use the NE corner of the property if you are going to camp. The property was recently select cut and is coming back nicely with new growth on the forest floor. It should continue to improve over the next several years. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7010 Henderson County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4717/Henderson-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This farm is a pearl. Crops between road and woods make a good buffer. Crops inside the woods make perfect food plots. Thick big timber here, lots of cover and 2 ponds as well. Secluded area on a dead end stretch with a mining company as a neighbor and they own several thousand acres. I can see a good time here for sure. Needs nothing but feeders,licks, cameras and hunters. Take advantage of this listing. This farm is CHEAP. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 4717 Dunn County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6149/Dunn-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Buffalo County type hunting without the higher prices. I truly believe that this is what you will get with this stunning 144 acre Dunn County lease. Buck pictured in listing was taken in 2013 on this property and I have little doubt that he is a booner. The picture is proof of the potential in this area of the state. Property is a great mix of tillable and wooded ground. Access currently would be on the northwest corner of property where there is a home that he rents out to a family and on northeast corner - gate pictured in the listing. I think this is where a nice base camp type location could be placed. If your looking for a larger track of property with a trailer home to stay in, check out property #6150 which is owned by the same people and only a few miles from this property. The neighbor to the south is a great guy and is receptive to possibly allowing you access into this property through his which would greatly improve that access to this 144 acre lease. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Respectful use of ATV okay for hunting related activities, but from what I saw this may not be possible on all of the property until crops are off. Camping is also okay with permission from landowner as to where. Food plots are also allowed with permission from landowner as to where and what. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 6149 Allegheny County Pennsylvania Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7692/Allegheny-County-Pennsylvania-Hunting-Lease.html All wooded with a good access lane through property. Property is in the suburbs of Pittsburgh that is known for producing big deer. Property is pretty thick and should be a great bedding area. In WMU 2B that has early buck archery hunting and unlimited antlerless tags. Parking is limited to 1 vehicle (no room for an ATV trailer), VERY LIMITED ATV USE, for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7692 Roane County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7932/Roane-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html One look and it’s gone. Guys this Roane County Tennessee Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease is a beautiful and easy place to hunt, and it's just minutes from I-40. I had barely set foot on the property and I was bumping deer. The property is fenced in so your lines are clear. Trails are unmistakable and numerous. There are occasional horses on the property, but not in the fall during hunting season. There are great deer and turkey numbers in this county so filling your tag shouldn’t be a problem. Nice pond on the property as well. **BONUS : Mt Roosevelt WMA borders this property to the south** **Notify agent when going to inspect for on-site landowner notification** **Perfect for 2 buddies or a parent/child hunting property** **#22 in 2016 in harvest numbers out of 95 counties** **9 Bucks with 11pts or better in 2016** **ATV use OK, hunting purposes only** **Area immediately around the home are off-limits to hunting, consult landowner** Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 7932 Door County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8251/Door-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html 40 Acre all species hunting lease in Door County WI. This is a great opportunity for an excellent piece of deer habitat in a county that’s hard to find a lease in. This property has a lot of diversity as far as cover is concerned. Mature hardwoods, pine plantings, ash plantings, and thick cedars make up some of the habitat on this property. Plenty of deer sign was visible during my inspection. Beds, rubs, scrapes, and trails were visible during my walk through the property. A couple of deer were jumped from their beds as well as spotting 2 toms during inspection. Access is possible from 2 sides of the property. Respectful use of ATV’s is allowed for hunting related activities only. Food and lodging are only minutes away from the property. Landowner would like initial contact from the hunters. No camping or food plots are allowed. No fires. No use of nails, screws, or screw in tree steps is allowed. Minimal trimming of shooting lanes. Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00:00 EST 8251