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It's all about priorities. Summer camp or full cable tv or a cappuccino in the morning... or, a year in the outdoors with family and friends in a safe environment. "It used to be you could get permission to hunt by helping out on the farm." The barter system has mostly gone by the wayside, but it is still easy enough to find some extra work and exchange that cash for hunting rights. Base Camp Leasing offers a wide variety of hunting properties available for lease. We make it easy for you to enjoy a hunter's paradise in the great outdoors.

Benefits of using a hunting lease

Locating a quality place to hunt has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Public hunting can be so crowded it takes away from the whole outdoor experience and dramatically reduces' hunters' safety. With nearly 90% of all land being privately owned, our program provides a service to both the hunter and landowner, ensuring the hunting community always has an affordable and safe place to enjoy their sport. We represent hundreds of true sportsmen who are willing to pay a fair price for the special recreational privilege of hunting rights on private property. Leasing land through a hunting lease company can be a great alternative to using hunting outfitters or archery hunting outfitters - and it's a lot less expensive than a guided hunt.

  • Abundant game densities
  • Potential trophy quality animals
  • Exclusive hunting rights
  • First right to renew
  • Locations close to home
  • Safety

Benefits of obtaining a hunting lease through Base Camp Leasing

Our staff of hunters inspect each property to assess its hunting quality and value. Our hunting leases are for exclusive, official hunting rights for your group per property, with a maximum number allowed. No scheduling or worrying about who is going to be there other than the parties in your group.

Most of our properties are leased for annual hunting/fishing privileges only. These leases are written between the hunters and the landowner, while Base Camp Leasing is a third party intermediary for making the arrangements. All of our leases have been inspected by our staff of hunters. Don't be fooled by copycat hunting lease companies. Trust the leader in the hunting business, Base Camp Leasing.

You can search our leases for free or choose a membership level that's right for you, including a free newsletter subscription option, to get new leases sent into your inbox. To receive directions to a property to make a personal inspection, you must first log in to the system.

Attention landowners!

Landowners, if you are interested in putting up your hunting land for lease through Base Camp Leasing, please contact us. The benefits are many: you can earn extra income; eliminate trespassing, poaching, and feuds; and reduce crop damage by allowing leasing hunters to establish a wildlife management program. A lifetime of hunting and agriculture experience has proven to be very beneficial when arranging these agreements.