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Tennessee & Eastern Kentucky Leasing Agent

Eric Hilferty is the Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky Leasing Agent for Base Camp Leasing. Eric lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and has an undeniable passion for hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors! He recently retired as a full time firefighter/paramedic working for the fire service as a lieutenant. He now devotes himself to Base Camp Leasing in Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky. Eric shares his love of hunting and the outdoors with his 3 children and looks forward to many future hunts together.

Eric has been an avid fisherman since the time he could ride his bike to neighboring ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. But when he was introduced to whitetail deer hunting at the age of 16 his outdoor passion became an obsession. Eric has been fortunate enough to hunt in Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Massachusetts, Wyoming, and Virginia. Having been exposed to all these different locations, he has gained much knowledge and understanding of how to track and find the elusive whitetail. His experiences have allowed him to successfully hunt not only whitetail, but elk, mule deer, antelope, bear, turkey, and waterfowl. His ability to identify valuable ground has been proven time and time again. Something Eric feels strongly about is the importance of open and honest communication between landowners and hunters. He always strives to be the best liaison to give all parties the best leasing experience possible to ensure a positive relationship for years to come.

He feels strongly that hunting is not only about providing for your family, but also about sharing that experience with close friends and creating memories! Eric is available to answers your questions at any time. Whether you are a hunter looking for your next best property or a landowner looking to make your land even more profitable, please reach out!

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