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Learn about our ProStaff using the Biography links below. For any questions or comments, please use our contact information provided.

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Ed Griffin
Western Regional Manager
Missouri Leasing Agent
Email Ed Griffin
(573) 619-8905
View Biography
Joe Brooks
Eastern Regional Manager
Michigan & W. Ohio Leasing Agent
Email Joe Brooks
(419) 261-8555
View Biography
Rod Shepard
Illinois Leasing Agent
Email Rod Shepard
(217) 801-5730
View Biography
Brandon Cutler
Kansas Leasing Agent
Email Brandon Cutler
(316) 312-9825
View Biography
Doug Petro
E. Ohio & W. Penn Leasing Agent
Email Doug Petro
(724) 317-8038
View Biography
Andy Guernsey
Southern Indiana Leasing Agent
Email Andy Guernsey
(502) 643-7671
View Biography
Lee Duncan
Virginia & West Virginia Leasing Agent
Email Lee Duncan
(276) 692-6972
View Biography
Dustin Arndt
S. Dakota, Minnesota & Northern Iowa Leasing Agent
Email Dustin Arndt
(507) 456-4273
View Biography
Robert Rogers
E. Pennsylvania Leasing Agent
Email Robert Rogers
(570) 762-7905
View Biography
Jeff McAlary
Michigan Leasing Agent
Email Jeff McAlary
(616) 690-8291
View Biography
Steve Ebert
Wisconsin Leasing Agent
Email Steve Ebert
(715) 281-8914
View Biography
Daryl Houston
Tennessee and Western Kentucky Leasing Agent
Email Daryl Houston
(615) 260-4250
View Biography
Paul Alvey
Northern Indiana Leasing Agent
Email Paul Alvey
(574) 320-3568
View Biography
Brian Pierce
NY Leasing Agent
Email Brian Pierce
(315) 546-4000
View Biography
Lee Vineyard
Nebraska & SW Iowa Leasing Agent
Email Lee Vineyard
(402) 770-3279
View Biography
Richard James
NC & SC Leasing Agent
Email Richard James
(828) 409-1984
View Biography
Ricky Story
Oklahoma Leasing Agent
Email Ricky Story
(405) 740-6177
View Biography
Steve Bodinger
Wisconsin Leasing Agent
Email Steve Bodinger
(920) 716-2879
View Biography
Rex Dickens
Texas Leasing Agent
Email Rex Dickens
(903) 474-5663
View Biography
Tony Porter
Arkansas Leasing Agent
Email Tony Porter
(870) 949-0346
View Biography
Randy Mayfield
Alabama Leasing Agent
Email Randy Mayfield
(205) 441-8765
View Biography
Brian Stamps
Georgia Leasing Agent
Email Brian Stamps
(770) 883-1033
View Biography