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Oklahoma Leasing Agent

Rick Story grew up on the family dairy farm in Oklahoma and currently resides in Mustang, OK.

Rick works at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has two daughters, two sons, and two grandchildren. His wife teaches for the Mustang School District; Rick and his wife are active with the Mustang school district and enjoy watching the children play soft ball and soccer.

Rick's grandfather taught him to respect the outdoors and everything that came with it; growing up fishing, hunting, and being around wildlife enhanced his teachings. He has raised his children to respect the outdoors by hunting and fishing with them. Rick has been leasing hunting property for several years through a hunting club in Oklahoma. He decided he wanted to use his skills through Base Camp Leasing to help hunters find the perfect hunting property.

Rick has an awareness for what hunters are looking for in a hunting lease and he hopes to provide the very best Oklahoma hunting lease properties to outdoorsman looking for the right fit. He also understands the need for fathers that want to get their children out in the outdoors and plans on trying to find the safest and most productive hunting property for them and their family to enjoy.

His favorite hunting is whitetail, upland bird, and turkey and waterfowl. Rick has been raising and breeding hunting dogs for several years, which also helps him get out into the outdoors even when there is no hunting season available for hunting.

Please contact Rick with any questions you have about putting your land up for lease or about hunting on Oklahoma leases at (405) 740-6177 or ricky@basecampleasing.com.

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