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Louisiana Leasing Agent

Louisiana Leasing Agent

John Michael Hunter is the Louisiana Leasing Agent for Base Camp Leasing. John Michael was raised in North Louisiana where he began hunting at the age of 4 and killed his first squirrel with a .410 bolt action. After killing three deer at the age of 8, the passion for deer hunting became an obsession.

John Michael worked at a local hunting store in high school and throughout college. It was there that he built relationships with customers and sales reps. Learning the “ins and outs” of the hunting industry never really felt like a job to him.

John Michael graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2006 with a degree in Marketing. From there, he started his own taxidermy and lawn businesses. He’s currently a Captain with the Ouachita Parish Fire Department where he’s been employed since 2012.

Before joining Base Camp, John Michael studied land and maps almost daily. He is always looking for the “best” spot. With his marketing degree and passion for the outdoors, John Michael looks forward to connecting the landowner and the hunter with the perfect Louisiana hunting lease experience.

Louisiana has long been known as the Sportsman’s Paradise for a reason. Whether you are looking for swamps, pines, hardwoods, or crop fields, Louisiana has it all. Deer, turkey, waterfowl, and fish are plentiful. If you’re a landowner and have Louisiana land for lease or a hunter looking for Louisiana hunting lease, contact John Michael Hunter at (318) 376-2444. He looks forward to answering any questions you may have.

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