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Western Regional Manager

N. Missouri & Southern Iowa Leasing Agent

Ed has lived in many states from Maine to New Mexico, but has settled in Missouri for the last forty years. He lives in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife Samantha and their three sons. He has a background in Criminal Justice and is retired from the Missouri Dept. of Corrections.

Ed has a love for the outdoors, is an avid fisherman and is crazy about Missouri deer and turkey hunting. His passion is primarily bow hunting, and he says there is just something about the outdoors in the fall that can't be duplicated any other time of the year. Ed has been a customer of Base Camp Leasing in the past and present and has brought enjoyment to many family and friends while leasing. Hunting leases in Missouri are quickly growing in popularity and will rival any state in the Midwest for great producing farms. Ed's mission is to bring land owners and hunters together for years to come.

Ed is available at any time to answer questions or concerns about Missouri hunting leases by phone at (573) 619-8905.

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