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Eastern Wisconsin Leasing Agent

Steve has lived in Wisconsin all of his life. He has been married to his wife Lori for over 31 years who is very supportive of his hunting and fishing lifestyle.

Along with hunting several areas in Wisconsin such as northern forests, central farmland, and southwestern Wisconsin, Steve has pursued whitetails in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, South Dakota, and Ontario. He's also hunted big game in Montana, Colorado, and Alaska. All of these hunts have been "do it yourself" with a good deal of success. Steve also has leases in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri for his own use.

With over 45 years of hunting experience under his belt, along with a couple of years guiding experience, Steve feels that he has a great understanding of what hunters are looking for in a Wisconsin hunting lease.

As he was growing up, Steve spent plenty of time working for the neighboring farmers harvesting crops, milking cows, tilling ground and other farm related activities. These experiences let Steve understand the landowners love for their property and the goals they would like to achieve by having Wisconsin land for lease. Steve feels that with all of this experience in whitetail hunting and knowledge of whitetail habitat he can help fulfill the needs of both the hunter and the landowner.

If you're looking for a Wisconsin hunting lease or would like to lease your Wisconsin property feel free to call or text Steve at 920-716-2879. You can also email Steve at

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