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Southern Missouri Leasing Agent

Southern Missouri Leasing Agent

Cody Dirnberger is the Southeast Missouri Leasing agent for Basecamp leasing as well as Land specialist for Basecamp Country Properties. He has spent most of his life in Southeast Missouri, where he now lives with his wife Kyla, and three young children. Growing up in a farming family allowed him great exposure to the outdoors at a very young age. He was able to work and save up enough money to buy his first bow at the age of 12. This is where his love for the outdoors exploded. After 3 years of perfecting his archery skills on everything from squirrels to turkey, he was finally able to harvest his first whitetail at the age of 15. This further fueled his passion for hunting and would lead him to harvesting a variety of game in many different states.

Cody has worked in the rail industry, as well as natural gas which has allow him to travel and experience a broad range of wildlife and their habitats. Cody has been a licensed Real Estate agent in the state of Missouri for over 10 years and enjoys spending his time outdoors with his young family. To him the most important part of the outdoors is experiencing it with loved ones.

Cody does not measure a huntís success by harvesting an animal, but more by the quality of the experience itself. He cherishes every minute he gets to spend outdoors doing what he loves. His most memorable hunts are not the ones where he has taken the biggest trophies, but the hunts that he was lucky enough to have shared with his friends and family. His knowledge and local connections allow him to prospect great leasing opportunities. It is his hope that these opportunities will bring great success to Basecamp clients, as well as their friends and family. If you are looking to find a parcel that will fit your needs give him a call and he will be more than happy to help. Give him a call today to find out more about what Southeast Missouri has to offer at (573) 579-7436.

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