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Looking for a Kentucky Hunting Lease?

You've Come to the Right Place.

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Kentucky Hunting Lease Map
Kentucky Hunting Lease Map

If You're Looking for a Deer Hunting Lease, Consider Kentucky!

Looking for a place to hunt? Kentucky's whitetail numbers are the best kept secret in all of hunting. Kentucky boasts the 2nd most Boone and Crockett bucks per sq. mile of any state, and the 7th most B&C entries in history.

One major thing Kentucky has over the rest is over the counter tags. NO DRAWINGS! This means you can lease a property without the hassle of having to draw a tag or the worry of spending money on a lease and laboring on food plots, only to find yourself without a tag when hunting season rolls around.

Kentucky also has more miles of streams than every state other than Alaska. That gives you more places to roost a turkey the night before the hunt, and a place to catch a few fish to fry in the campfire.

Take a look at what Base Camp Leasing has to offer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are confident once you go Kentucky, you won't go back!


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