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South Dakota Hunting Lease Map
South Dakota Hunting Lease Map

A South Dakota hunting lease can offer some very diverse hunting opportunities. In the West you will find the beautiful Black Hills and vast rolling prairies choked with game rich river bottoms. To the east of the Missouri River there is fertile farmland dotted with hundreds of lakes and prairie potholes, along with several great drainages. The Missouri River splits the state in half from East to West and offers world-class walleye fishing along with many other species. On its banks there are countless cedar filled draws and breathtaking scenery.

Both whitetail and mule deer call South Dakota home. The mule deer are found mostly in the Central and Western part of the state while whitetails are found throughout the entire state in great numbers. Both nonresidents and residents are guaranteed an archery tag every year if they wish to apply. The archery tag is good for whitetail or mule deer and runs from late September through the end of January. There is a draw system in place for rifle deer tags.

There is also exceptional Pronghorn Antelope hunting in the Western half of South Dakota. There is a draw system in place for rifle antelope, but once again the archery tag is guaranteed but must be applied for.

The turkey hunting in South Dakota is almost unmatched. The turkey season usually runs from early April until late May and the archery tag is guaranteed but must be applied for. Again, there is a draw system in place for gun tags. Odds are you will be hunting beautiful white-fanned Merriam's turkeys in South Dakota.

South Dakota also has excellent waterfowl hunting and the best pheasant hunting in the country. According to South Dakota Game Fish and Parks, the last time hunters harvested less than 1 million roosters during a South Dakota season was in 1992 and that year the count was at about 970,000. The daily limit is three rooster pheasants. If you're looking for South Dakota land for lease you came to the right spot.


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