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Wisconsin Hunting Lease Map
Wisconsin Hunting Lease Map

Wisconsin ranks in the top three states for both Boone and Crocket and Pope and Young record book entries. It also has 6 of the top counties in the nation for entries including the number 1 county - Buffalo. Buffalo County was one of the birth places of Quality Deer Management in the nation and with its success there, QDM signs can now be seen posted on properties in every county throughout the State.

Recent changes in the methods used to calculate deer populations and harvest goals set by the State Department of Natural Resources will also help to improve the population and size of the deer calling Wisconsin home. With a diverse habitat and thriving agricultural industry, whitetails have everything they need and thus Wisconsin will continue to be one of the premier whitetail hunting destinations in North America.

With the successful reintroduction of turkeys over 25 years ago, hunters are able to enjoy even more time in the woods each year. With having both a spring and fall season and the ability to purchase left over tags over the counter, the popularity and success of turkey hunting is at an all-time high.

For out of state hunters, Wisconsin sells deer and leftover turkey tags over the counter so you can be guaranteed of being able to hunt your property every year. At $160 for an archery or gun deer license, it is also the cheapest nonresident tag of any state. The archery tag is good for both the early and late seasons and your unfilled gun tag can also be used for the muzzleloader season

Wisconsin is a beautiful state with abundant wildlife and opportunities for hunters. You will find the residents to be friendly and who have a long tradition of being good stewards to the wildlife and the environment in which they live. Contact your Base Camp Wisconsin Leasing Agent for more information on any of the properties listed.


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