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Illinois Hunting Lease Map
Illinois Hunting Lease Map

You've Come to the Right Place.

Avid whitetail deer hunters are quickly learning that Illinois is home to one of the best quality deer herds in the country. Through a permit system that provides top notch information on herd management in each county, Illinois has been able to develop one of the healthiest and fastest growing whitetail deer herds ever. As a result, Illinois hunting leases have become extremely popular among knowledgeable hunters.

With widespread corn, soybean, and hay fields, along with river bottoms and mature oak forests scattered throughout the state, Illinois whitetail deer are exposed to a variety of quality food sources. When inspecting prospective Illinois hunting leases, these are all factors that Base Camp Leasing evaluates.

The conditions in Illinois contribute to good hunting all around. Duck hunters, or those seeking a goose hunting lease in illinois, for example, will not be disappointed.

With an overall hunting success rate of over 40% for non-archery permits, deer hunters can expect an excellent opportunity to harvest a trophy buck. Careful inspection of our Illinois hunting leases by knowledgeable hunters ensures that you are connected with a prime illinois deer hunting land lease. No matter what your choice of weapon happens to be, the thrill of whitetail deer hunting on a hunting lease in Illinois is one you'll remember.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources annually monitors the age structure of the antlered buck harvest thus maximizing the trophy buck potential. Over 30% of the deer taken in Illinois are by archery hunters. Illinois deer hunting leases give you more bang for your buck - something you won't find with Illinois hunting outfitters or guides. Try an Illinois land lease. You'll be glad you did!


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