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Texas Leasing Agent

Ben Plattner is the Base Camp Leasing Agent for Texas. Ben has 22 years of experience in the land leasing industry and 12 years of experience as a land real estate agent. He currently holds a real estate license with Base Camp Leasing’s sister company, Base Camp Country Real Estate, Inc. Ben is married to his wife of 26 years, Lynn, and they have two sons, John and Will.

Ben was raised on an agricultural farm. Combined with his love for the outdoors, Ben has a natural connection with land and wildlife and he has had the privilege of managing and improving land throughout his career. Ben has managed several thousand acres for Wild Hogs, Trophy Whitetail Deer, Elk, Turkeys, Alligators, and Predators.

Whether it is managing wildlife or improving land, Ben embraces the opportunities that are presented with assessing properties and creating a viable plan that mutually benefits the landowner and hunter.

Base Camp Leasing has been trusted by Landowners and Hunters for over 20 years offering our leasing services. We have no doubt that when you contact Ben Plattner, we are offering you the best experienced land specialist in the Central Texas area. He will professionally assess every landowner's property and identify land features that may go unnoticed and include this information when describing the property to interested hunters.

For more information about the opportunities leasing property with Base Camp Leasing, please contact Ben Plattner at or 217-691-2565

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