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South Georgia Leasing Agent

Robert Nelson is the South Georgia Leasing Agent for Base Camp Leasing. Robert was raised in the middle of Georgia where he became an avid outdoorsman with his dad and uncle. When he was 5 years old, Robert was in the woods with his dad most every weekend deer hunting or fishing. Now at 28 he is still enjoying the woods every opportunity he can.

Robert doesn’t measures his success as a hunter in inches of antler but simply as the fun had and spending time in the outdoors, but a nice buck is great also. Robert has his own family farm in Georgia, so he’s fully aware and understands the needs of hunters and landowners when it comes to leasing hunting property. He will give the hunter and the landowner a candid opinion of the property and provide a fair and honest assessment.

Robert resides in South Georgia with his wife. Please contact Robert with any questions you have about putting your land up for lease at (678)245-1991.

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