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E. Ohio & W Pennsylvania Leasing Agent

Doug is a native of southwestern Pennsylvania and a life long hunter and conservationist. He earned a degree from Penn State University in Environmental Resource Management and worked for the New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection regulating the application of bio-solids to farmland. Doug was involved in several hunting clubs and land leases in New Jersey where hunting land is very scarce and clubs and leasing are very popular.

Six years ago Doug moved back to southwestern Pennsylvania and became manager of the Fayette County Conservation District. Doug works with farmers on a daily basis, assisting them with various conservation practices from nutrient management, erosion control, contour and strip cropping, no-till planting, wildlife habitat improvement and water quality protection. Doug works hard to not only help the environmental but also to improve the viability and sustainability of the small family farms in Pennsylvania.

Doug hunts nearly every free minute for just about anything that crawls, flies, or runs. This includes groundhogs, doves, geese, ducks, grouse, pheasants, turkeys and deer, bow hunting big deer and spring turkey are his favorite. With his commitment to sustainable agriculture and his years of hunting experience, Doug feels that bringing farmers and hunters together is a win-win situation for both parties. Doug lives on a small farm with his wife, twin daughters and two aging bird dogs.

For information regarding Eastern Ohio or Pennsylvania hunt leases, feel free to call Doug at (724) 317-8038.

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