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Western Arkansas Leasing Agent

Western Arkansas Leasing Agent

Greenfield Baggett was born and raised in the Mississippi delta. At the early age of 8, he was introduced to duck hunting and became an avid duck hunter immediately. In fact, he still travels back to the Mississippi delta to duck hunt every season. He started deer hunting not long after that, and he found one of his favorite spots in the world was in a stand watching as the world comes to life and wakes up. That has become his happy place.

For the last 13 years he has been a resident of Northwest Arkansas with his wife and son. His passions now include spreading the same level of enthusiasm to his 10 year old son, spending as much time in the woods with his son as he can teaching him to look for signs of deer, turkey and hog and instilling in him the same love of hunting that Greenfield has.

Creating a mutually beneficial situation between the landowner and outdoorsman alike is the ultimate goal. If you are interested in discussing Western Arkansas hunting opportunities, please feel free to reach out to Greenfield anytime. He can be reached via cell at (479) 601-1978 or email at

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